Meet: housekeeper type O2O dating platform, improve the user’s “about”

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the ultimate form of landing in the opposite sex social usually meet or date, with the popular terms is O2O. Now do heterosexual social software vertical social areas, most design concept will stay on the release date level, just pure online communication. Meet the App mode and Momo social software is different, such as strangers meet from offline as the breakthrough point, to provide users with a reasonable date environment.

the current Internet service, the good product is to provide users with a high quality service, rather than just like early make a disclosure of information. Meet App emphasises the release date information, to provide users with fresh offline dating services, from the date the information to the rendezvous, dating tips, dating etiquette, and other links to the user good advice, from the point of origin to the end date for the user to do the Suggestions, to meet the App to the service, called “about”.

existing social software is just stay on the level of “about”, will not consider dating offline for the user. Provide couples meet offline, first of all be honest price, and then the dating scene is novel, meet App to avoid the traditional dinner, movies, KTV, chose some special like horse riding, fashion, concerts and other fresh way of dating, try to make each date not drab.

strangers is most concerned about security, meet App built credit safety index, according to a variety of algorithm comprehensive considerations a credit value, and then adopt the way of review for the user. Meet YanXin when in an interview, said: “App is now the most important is to put the” date “it right,” he said. From safety to the details of the service, for users to do the calculations, so products from online to the natural growth of the number of users now have 1.5 million.”

App built-in virtual gifts plate, gold, silver, gifts can reflect or converted into prepaid phone CARDS. Personal design at the same time the “date”, “don’t put the man improper animal”, “roll sheet mental master” and other interesting topics, through the way of dynamic communication with users, improve user about business.

meet App now the content of the product is very simple, 5 line version 2.0 at the end of meeting, to further improve the theme dating, dating scene, emotional communication, about business community, and other functions, the realization of the function of the above said in the new version.

mentioned above are met after the link, but both sides before meeting date whether there is a success rate of success. Meet the App is also set up a communication between strangers like old friends natural auxiliary dating system. Record to get the data of user behavior, and the data sorting, build the model of the algorithm. Embodied in the chat with a stranger, the system will provide users with the initial chat topic, to when the user chat after the interruption, system will provide users in this topic to, can make strangers see chat more familiar, dating success rate. After 2.0 will also build a chat room and radio, let users and emotional experts to the discussion of the phonetic form.

founder YanXin founded in 2010, meaning the wisdom melting technology co., LTD., the company independent research and development of the independent application in mobile advertising and mobile value-added promotion of tens of millions of income level, the company now is still in normal operation. Meet App belonging to meet established YanXin separate technology co., LTD., products in the research and development of 14 years, started in June, July and November android version online, the end of December IOS version online. YanXin tell hunting cloud network, the company paid 5 million start-up capital to meet incubation App, then prepare for the Pre – A.

as in the field of social software, but the direction of the south north, biased towards the service concept, to meet the same type micro software but also prefer to online communication, not provide offline services for users. YanXin to hunt cloud network, said: “in fact the two products is not all competing goods and services of products, is not to say that one is enough, more than one option is better.”