Medicine won tens of millions of yuan to force A round of funding, with vc led

domestic delivery to your door O2O platform medicine announced today to complete the tens of millions of yuan to force A round of funding, by crossing with vc led, vc and safe and sound. On the wheel source vc and investors. With the sole financial advisor YunXiu capital for this transaction.

medicine to force in January 2015, the main one hour delivery door-to-door service. Since the launch in January, four months, medicine to force more than 100000 orders for the user. The user can get online to buy medicine service by mobile phones, and 7 * 24 hours of professional pharmaceutical consulting. Medicine is the iOS and android APP to force the two versions, and launched a WeChat public, the user can also realize order, it is understood that in mid-june medicine to force will implement the rings all cover Beijing, allows users to order delivery.

medicine to CEO Ren Bin said, A round of funding arrangement as follows, the main purpose of the first medicine to expand coverage to force; The second will be pharmaceutical care, manifests the medicine to the vision, the user use more professional consulting services.

here of pharmaceutical care is such as to help drug users to check rationality, strengthen compliance, etc. Pharmaceutical care is divided into two forms, on the one hand, is provided by a licensed pharmacists consulting services, on the other hand, the pharmacist experience the transition, such as automatic check compatibility, etc.

under the wave of O2O, many start-ups into delivery service link, such as cloud after hunting party giving medicine reported fast, also include players such as send 360 and jingle to send medicines.