Medical technology letter A $10 million round of funding, morningside softbank led to vote

domestic mobile medical startup medical technology has announced A letter, $10 million has been completed A round of funding, morningside venture led, softbank China and shot.

d letter technology is located in shenzhen, was founded in 2014, February 14, for a mobile medical company in the field of perpendicular to the children’s health, Aramark corp of outsourcing service providers have company CEO Liang Liangceng is hospital director of operations in the medical market, set up the medical letter technology, hope that through the mobile Internet to improve China’s medical experience and improve doctor-patient trust. Earlier this year, the company won a 10 million angel round softbank China investment.


at present, the medical science and technology the main products for the health of children of class APP “mommy knows”, on the basis of extension, a medical doctor letter edition WeChat public account. Product services mainly in the north connect three big hospital doctor online consulting, pregnancy pediatric knowledge popularization, personalized baby growth record, etc. Core users group of 19 and 35 pregnant middle-class women.

and electrical business instead of in the field of pattern is different, destined to severe vertical mobile medical areas. To this end, “mummy know” set up the doctor’s selection, training, guiding and elimination mechanism.

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