Master car: professional appraiser power used-car market

May 31 (text/yan-mei wu )

the second-hand car market potential is needless to say, the Internet giant and entrepreneurial firms share began to cut into the cake, but in the trading of the most important step, in the face of the car, car condition is not transparent, the maintenance maintenance hidden shady, most consumers in the choose and buy of used cars remain sceptical. Though many dealers for vehicle safety assessment report, issued by will not be able to dispel all doubts. How to use the role of the third party platform to solve the pain points of trade links, is the key to startup the master car broken.

the master car service process is the user in micro letter and list first, the background of the order with customer service to the needs of users by telephone communication and understanding, according to the models, geographical location and other requirements to recommend a car makers. The master to the scene to be equipped with testing kits, specialized detector, of course, their professional experience. Appraiser in his judgment on the basis of testing data and instrument by voice, images, data with seven item 148 item evaluation report. Field testing data real-time transmission background, combined with the insurance claims, vehicle maintenance, vehicle fault database and so on big data, form the vehicle inspection report sent to the user.

the master car charge, according to vehicle examination number first single campaign in May 5.5 yuan, after the evaluation of each vehicle unit price is 228 yuan. According to user requirements will launch package late time charge a variety of service type.

with the speeding up of the vehicle speed of iteration, used car price is very high. At the same time as the consumption idea update, used car consumption market will inevitably produce geometric growth. Professional brand trusted third party testing institutions for used car user growth and great role in promoting the standardization of the second-hand car market.

the master car appraiser team members are from rain, 273, ZhuoJieHang, film companies, such as the optimal letter have many years of experience in the used car appraisal. Used such commodities trading appraiser and user communication is very important, the user is always eager to know every process. In all kinds of second-hand car trading scenario, such as the used-car market transactions, acquaintances trading, online trading, etc., appraiser of rich experience and good communication with the user are crucial for detection and trading.

founder wang Yang said that in the long run, every market there are a small team of about 10 people can meet. And in order to guarantee the objectivity of the force after testing, the master car team adopted multiple safeguards: first of all, it is strictly prohibited to teacher to recommend a used car or any other services to the users, the master car will also arrange a certain proportion of the mystery customer, depth of master work attitude and work ethic; Second, establishes the evaluation system of appraiser, the user is completely transparent to the evaluation of teacher; Again, in the send single algorithm can fully consider the teacher’s work experience, prevent collusion with the dealer.

the master car in March of this year, first select the chengdu to commissioning, just two months, have served more than 400 users, the new 15000 active users. Service content is currently in offline used car trade market as the main swimmer, on the one hand is for validation by means of market to push the market, on the other hand is to contact the first line of real users. Second-hand car market as a very large industry chain, including maintenance, inspection parts update, game points, and so on are the interests of all parties, the master car as an independent unit cut into the market also needs a lot of trying.

on the market at present is engaged in second-hand car full closed-loop C2C and B2C new explosive growth in trading platform, but few independent evaluation mechanism on the user side, credible third party brand is also did not appear.

“master car” has already been more IDG capital investment angel round 6 million RMB. When it comes to the development of the future, founder wang said, “by detecting vehicles, will enable us to master the shape data, and these data are very valuable, on the one hand, can be used on the pricing of has a strong reference, prompting a used car from a non-standard commodities to the standard approach; Cars data of mining, on the other hand, consumers will lead to more accurate prediction of consumption behavior, follow-up can be accurately for customized extended warranty, insurance, auto financing and other value-added services.”