Massage reservations Urban Massage new financing, valuation of nearly $12 million

is similar to the United States to provide alternative medical services such as massage therapist booking service provider, is a start-up companies provide massage booking service of the UK. Its a new round of financing by Firestartr collar, the specific amount has not been disclosed.

investors including Samos, lions club international foundation and many unknown angels. It is worth noting that the startup of London, said: after a new round of funding Urban Massage valuation will be $12 million.

Urban Massage has its own website, there are also based on iOS and Android Apps, 30 seconds on the day of booking and even the time of the Massage service. The massage service vary, according to the difference of different service types and time pricing. Professional masseur on call, preferential activities emerge in endlessly.

reservation, you only need to enter your zip code, select a service, determine the service time and number of therapists. App will automatically display the corresponding schedule and therapists to you the time needed for location, you don’t have to worry about at the same time, the schedule will be reasonable to take into account to the therapist’s next appointment.

Urban Massage co-founder and CEO Jack Tang, said: “for all of the Apps on demand, meet the immediate needs of customers, help them to ease the pain is the most important. Regardless of their current is uncomfortable, pain, or is being hurt, they all need instant remedy, so instant massage started to become more and more popular. As you know, Zeel, and Unwind. Me, Pine and Soothe are doing such a thing.”

said to rival, rumours Los Angeles startups are aimed at London for expansion, positive challenge Urban Massage. In addition, Urban Massage strong competitors and German business incubator Vaniday, this is a customer to provide for the love of beauty and health Massage, do hair and makeup, waxing, yoga classes online market. The service initially launched in Brazil, but recently expanded to Europe, including Britain.

so Tang decided not to publish a new round of financing. He said: “we all passed the decision, to keep a low profile and mysterious, the next year we will be the next round of financing, at present we are already late and fund in talks.”

keep mysterious at the same time, Tang revealed the Urban Massage will extend up to a national plan, and forecast the upcoming new products.

at the same time, Tang said that Urban Massage in the past few quarters income has doubled. In October last year they order amount to $40000 a month, but now he has as much as $160000.


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