Marijuana can play acme, Eaze. A $10 million round of funding

note: marijuana shipping service company Eaze new 1000 dollars investment, the investment will be used to expand to southern California and beyond. Eaze if you want to success in other places, in addition to find a partner, as now the high standard, the local law may also need to pay attention to very much.

today, providing marijuana Eaze San Francisco shipping service company announced that obtained by the DCM Ventures led, 500 Startups and Fresh VC in A round of investment of $10 million, for science and technology and even the entire marijuana industry can be said to be A watershed, after all, for the first time with A single pot start-up for such A big amount of investment. Last week, Peter Thiel founded by venture capital firms raised Fund to help investment legal marijuana industry Privateer Holdings company completed a $75 million funding round, but the money will be distributed to several companies.

Eaze do this is not luck.

“first to enter the market is of great significance for our strategy and expansion.” In January, the founder and CEO Keith Eaze McCarty, so said to me, also on the white board behind him draw a clock, remind you that time is money.

“we don’t have to put the technology into consumer service provided on demand.” McCarty, said his company is called “Uber” hemp industry. “This is a different industry. But what is it about some companies stand out, but the rest of the company to weave the?” The conduct of early employees next to me explained why. In this period of an hour of conversation last winter, he brought an Uber at least six or seven times, but never say to yourself if you enjoy sucking hi the feeling.

yesterday and I call the McCarty, he said to the Uber.

“since July release, Eaze has successfully completed more than 30000 times. If you pay attention to the Uber and Lyft conditions and in the case of A round of funding their financing scale, where you will find some very similar.”

indeed, Uber in February 2011, a $11 million investment has been in business for almost a year, San Francisco and completed the tens of thousands of times to rent a car and passenger service.

McCarty, and Eaze view of rule and the rental car and take a service company is very similar.

“we want to be as a pure science and technology company.” In January when he said to me.

with Eaze, bay area users only need to press the button and wait for 15 minutes, they want cannabis products can reach them. (I want Eaze to send something to la and dior and Ocean Beach to me, due to legal restrictions didn’t succeed.) In San Francisco, its rivals are trying to catch up with the delivery speed and convenience of it, and it’s on the regulators on the other side of the good reputation.

the DCM partner Kyle Lui initiated the first investment in the Eaze. His first contact with McCarty, last summer, from then on, the Eaze good performance in regulatory environment let him make the investment decision.

“we research the market, especially the study of science and technology such as the Eaze promoters, found Eaze has potential in this huge market ahead of other companies.” Lui said.

McCarty, told me yesterday Eaze plans for 50 new staff in 50 days, they expand to southern California at the end of the year, and as a springboard into the other states. He said, the most important thing is finding the right partners, and that’s what the game’s most interesting places.

Sparc is Eaze exclusive supply partners in San Francisco, at the end of February, I had a chance to look at it is the highest level of cultivation and processing equipment. As I said before, Sparc is not generally pharmacies, in addition to providing other pharmacies have oral medications, tincture, thickening agent, it also provides acupuncture and massage, everybody call it “apple store” in the pharmacy. The CEO Robert Jacob is sevastopol city council members, as he was still there when operating a pharmacy, bay area of medicinal marijuana empire has quietly rising.


a workdays, Jacob took me to visit him in Potrero Hill how equipment for harvesting, processing, packaging, storage process, such as the scene everywhere filled with employees, filled with raw materials, every one gram of the product should be signed after two.

these devices at work can only produce Sparc part of the total product, actually Sparc is only 30% of all products are sold to grow their own.

after the visit, Jacob and I sat down and chatted, just the driver to come to work, ready to delivery. Soon they were assigned the task, take with boxes of products, the signature confirmation, home delivery. Eaze all drivers now, in addition to those in the gulf of south, are employed by the Sparc, each day to equipment at least two of these goods. The whole place like clocks run perfectly accurate, this is Jacob. Eaze logistics for driver on the way of organizing, tracking inventory, delivery schedule and apply all of the user’s data, including plant raw materials, a very important process, are under the control of Jacob.

in terms of Jacob, his run for the whole process of planting, and very pleased and Eaze relations of cooperation. Last autumn and Eaze established cooperative relations, Sparc is only 55 employees, to the end of February this year, it has 162 employees.

“in terms of culture, the mode of operation, how do you evaluate Eaze casually, but technically, it’s very incredible.” Jacob said.

when I talked with Jacob for the first time in January, he showed a similar ambivalence.

“Eaze have a desire to control everything, increasing profit, this and our previous models are not the same, and it makes we must scale, complete more tasks. Under these technical issues, like Uber and Lyft, grab market share is the top of the list, followed by repair of public relations, customer relations. But at the same time, it is really useful way, patients have to this one. We are sell more and more marijuana to more people, as to help us to do this is crazy technology application what does it matter?”

Eaze outside the bay area expands, may be difficult to find such a competent partner. San Francisco for legal marijuana industry from the United States is a fairly mature market, regulators Sparc is obviously there darling, it’s in the downtown eye-catching stores have than rivals stood at the same time with it for a long time. I visited Petrero Hill equipment also after the police, fire protection, building inspection, and quality departments of public health inspection and cleaning. Sparc Eaze could become the largest partner, Robert Jacob. If Eaze continues to expand, the partnership continues, we probably will be able to see the status of two CEO, a former software manager is calculated, an energetic former town mayor and marijuana enthusiasts.

in California, medicines in terms of rules and regulations by each city and county to establish, it may be for the development of the Eaze is another key factor. In Los Angeles, for example, Eaze Nestdrop potential competitors due to the city attorney lawsuit filed against the it suspended the delivery service, the people’s procuratorate said Nestdrop violated in 2014 by a local laws and regulations. Eaze want to succeed in Los Angeles, at the very least it with Jacob and Sparc equivalent to find a partner.

I asked McCarty, yesterday, with Nestdrop Eaze is the future Los Angeles market barriers, he doesn’t seem to care.

“we can find a way to within the scope of business permitted by law. We can use a more strategic approach to open the market, making good relationship with city officials.”

perhaps $10 million of investment will be used in the method of “strategic”.


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