Mango campus: focus on the four years of college students, how information service platform for college?

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

at present, the Internet information services through long-term development and precipitation, has entered the stage of breakdown service user groups. As a new mobile information service platform in colleges and universities, the mango campus provide exclusive in the group of college students information services, students can get localization inside information in mango campus APP, PC as the information release and management tools for the school.

the concept of digital campus is not fresh, but with the rapid development of mobile Internet, digital campus information how to fall to the ground mobile terminal, mobile information service platform should be how to colleges and universities and the status of the students?

founder and CEO gegewu convective cloud network said: we think that the pain points on the college students in information acquisition has three: first is educational administration information query inconvenience – educational administration system in colleges and universities is given priority to with PC, the school will be more systems coexist, this led to the mobile query cumbersome and educational information is scattered. Second, campus information communication of the original – important notice according to the structure layer upon layer, and given priority to with telephone and social software, transmission efficiency and low working efficiency; The campus activity is still the traditional way, such as posters publicity effect is poor. In addition, for students, localization and effective access to information is difficult – students living space is limited, the network is one of the main channels for students to obtain information, but the network information sources, not enough focus, causing students groups are often hard to find their related information effectively.

so, mango, to optimize the campus university students’ information acquisition way starting point for the product, help students to quickly access to educational life entertainment information, notification and localization, localization of colleges and universities to form exclusive access to information and interaction platform. In view of the students, “APP” mango campus provides a key educational, books, one cartoon system query and local customization information acquisition and interaction. Geared to the needs of the school, the mango as an information release platform, provide exclusive school notice and activities of the channel, focuses on notification of precise positioning and send in time, and from online to offline achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the organization. For partners, mango, the campus is an open platform for the management service: advantage lies in the control of the target user groups, the content of the unified publishing platform, unified account, payment and settlement system. Mango campus play information providers, technology providers and platforms respectively control the different roles.

in addition to the basic information service, mango campus can also do? Gegewu thought, behavior records and the unique advantages of data mining is a platform. Each of the students on the platform of every action is a data source, a large amount of data to make use of big data algorithm integrating mining, will form specific to each student’s growth trajectory, let students clear review university life every step of the footprints. For the school, all students data form the summary of the analysis report, will help better understand the university students, better management students.

as a mobile information service platform, mango, campus how to form their own business model? Gegewu said mango campus colleges and universities to do the best mobile channels: for a long time, the traditional industry of service party a lack of direct, accurate to receive channels of the group of university students, such as training institutions and tourism. In addition, the existing campus O2O fierce competitive environment, the service and market enclosure cost is high, such as installment class hungry yao, Meituan nets, financial services, etc. Mango campus with travel agencies, training institutions, a bulk order and other kinds of services to achieve cooperation, help them fast landing in colleges and universities, decrease the cost of market development.

gegewu believes that the user is the core of the platform of resources, so all the service on the platform, mango campus will be in user experience and strictly controls the quality of service. In training, for example, when a user selects a paid training, expense according to the service schedule, and quality in installment payment to a third party platform, effective supervision service providers to guarantee the quality of service.

gegewu convective cloud network said: we want to go on to promote the steady and construction YangBanDian first, and then the horizontal replication. For rapid accumulation of the first group of users, in the first half of this year, mango campus promotion will give priority to with B end (school), plans to 60% of large-scale replication of colleges and universities in sichuan region, is expected to cover 50 students. Start the second half of B + C (students) marketing model, the scale of colleges and universities nationwide, is expected to be 2 million. To 2016 into the rapid development, product promotion is given priority to with the c-terminal, expect to achieve users start explosive growth, covering more than 10 million students. Mango campus in March this year, has now completed testing 4 universities in chengdu, high recognition for teachers and students, and the promotion on a large scale in the closed beta schools.

the mango campus has to get the seed investment, combining the product operation, the next step directly start A round of upfront financing, gegewu said, we hope to form A complementary business and investors, to strategic financing.