Male clothing bond: man version beautiful said mushroom street, highlight the “find” word

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the influence of the traditional offline shopping concept, women are more likely to become the target of business groups, most of the electricity product is aimed at a female consumer behavior and build, through design, brand, category, deserve to go up the fine image constantly updated to attract female consumer groups, highlight a word “go”. men in shopping especially when buying clothes, more is to buy clothes and buy, purposeful and the pursuit of efficiency, or even to eliminate the whole shop link, to find a suitable own clothes can be bought directly. Men of electricity product build more should highlight a “find” word, to help users to find the right clothes, improve the efficiency of the users to buy clothes , so male clothing bond App is determined to do a mobile vertical electric is committed to helping men find clothes.

after installed on the mobile end male clothing bond APP, simply fill in some such as height, weight, age, style and other basic information, male clothing bond can preliminary build the user model, through data intelligent filter is suitable for the user the item of men’s clothing. There are differences between the different groups of data, each people to see goods also will be different, so in advance to help users to filter out a lot of invalid information for users, such as users cannot see 19 septwolves widely or middle-aged men’s wear brand, so the targeted is men’s clothing products outstanding characteristic. Users face tens of thousands of clothes pick your favorite and face to the difficulty of the dozens of clothes pick out the suitable cans be imagined. Personalized recommendation will no doubt make shopping experience further on the mobile end users.

users among the male clothing recommended choose good clothes you like, click on image to view the product details, male clothing bond according to the consumer before the size of the information automatically recommended sizes suitable for consumers, save for male users to buy what size clothes. Determine to buy, directly into the page Tmall, can also according to each goods, click on the “collection” or “not interested”. if you click on the “not interested” male clothing bond will remember your spending habits, will avoid this kind of clothes, push the team to the hunt cloud network, said: “with more and more consumers use, male clothing bond will eventually do precision push according to consumers’ spending habits.”

in the composite channel, highlights the concept of collocation, men’s clothing bond ba-ba editors will help users to recommend some tie-in dress, suit is tie-in, clothing and shoes match, and so on, for example, allows users to know more about different clothes in the process of browsing dress collocation, solved what to wear, the problem of how to wear, let users can quickly buy with a particular style of a set of clothes, the future combination collocation information will add more occasions.

recent 1.1.0 version of the new “good” function, users can upload photos, whether through male clothing recommended to buy clothes or your own clothes, can look good photographed after the upload, let users point praise each other, between current photo sharing software is very much, men’s clothing bond good-looking? Hope to pay more attention to itself, and the user’s wearing, and only point function, reduce the number of users to share concerns, the future will increase ba-ba editor or dress fashion human users comment on the link, let the user know yourself how to improve the dress sense.

tell hunting cloud network team, at present, the male clothing after bond 2015.1.4 iOS version number online, has experienced three times in the updated version. In the case of investment promotion has accumulated 3000 apple mobile users, daily downloads in daily increase, the future team will continue to focus on product optimization, according to the feedback in 1.2.0 the fifth edition of “private tailored” function will gradually in stages after online promotion. Currently male clothing team a total of eight people, 2 fashion editor, the future will attract more and more fashionistas, choose fashion style for men’s clothing bond.