Make driving test clearance treasure dian, yi 3 million angel financing driving test again

cloud network hunting note: 2015 on April 8th, easy driving test to complete a second round of angel investment, financing led by a foreign institutions, the original founding team to vote. hunting cloud network learned that this round amounted to 3 million $ yuan, now all to account. Easy driving test APP to officially launched in October 2014, at the beginning of the online namely obtained funding support of RMB 1.5 million yuan.

in 2014 after China’s auto market booming, around a series of Internet start-ups, automobile driving test emerge in endlessly, including every link of the whole industry chain. Easy driving exam will target on the driver’s test this link, the author puts forward the concept of driving exam treasure dian, from subject to subject four integrated information to users, to provide more comprehensive driving test information.

easy driving exam by mobile client APP, computer of the client and official website, has realized from the mobile to the PC to the information website, and community BBS is outspread, expands the users receive channels of information. Hunting cloud network learned from easy driving test, is a day for driving test APP new power more than thousand, cumulative users almost never.

easy driving is understood to take an examination of the second round of angel financing amount is mainly used for the improvement of the product features and market development, the future will intensify efforts to break through resource sharing, and give the user a better experience. Launched the service is easy to drive test project, mainly concentrated in the online mock exams, and student driver over information services such as video, items lack of diversity, community integration degree is not high.

easy driving exam founder included, team members is 90, after more project belongs to the new products in the industry. Relative to the market, such as driving examination baodianpian, type of driving test first whiff equal competing goods, easy driving exam multiterminal vertical community BBS, data exchange, the implant has the advantage that the interface is simple and easy to operate.