Maintain a little bao tong and other services, online car wash the car from a yuan O2O closed loop to improve the car after market

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in addition to the RMB washing the car, we can do more. Auto after market cake, maintain a little team began to gird.

in December 2014, maintain a little announced that won a $30 million financing GGV lead. One yuan washing mode continues to increase, to burn money for users and competitors widening distance. Earlier when you said, after the car market is our core, but wash the car must be our weapon, we know that the demand of the car market after the car is relatively high frequency can be sustained seized a large number of the owner. So the user will have a business model.

at the beginning of 2015, in view of the automobile after service market, maintain a little gradually increased the cheaper, and vehicle violation and car bao tong certification business, and other functions. Dots, to maintain a car wash the car is just a beginning.

$1 wash the car to the car after the market closed loop chain

car ownership and the new features of cheaper mainly aimed at car wash business, released by the merchants of near constructions, the lowest discount to 1 fold, users in addition to enjoy washing discounts, for merchants to other service users can enjoy “group”. For merchants, they can get more accurate low-cost cars around the user.

just need to wash the car belongs to the user, check the violation. But professional check illegal products on the market is not a few, why built-in? To maintain a little team hunting cloud network said, is to check illegal function, primary reason or because meet user requirements, then they do check the biggest feature of violation does not need the owner actively query. As long as the owners to add vehicle information, the system will automatically query whether there is the latest violation and timely delivery. Spot check violation is currently maintain a direct call an accurate database, not call third-party interface, so the owner don’t have to worry about information leakage problem.

recently, maintain a little also launched their own, a car service team to hunt cloud network, according to the car bao tong aims to strengthen the automobile after service market cooperation mechanism, set up between merchants and owners of trusted platform, through ZhiBaoJin, first pay maintenance way to safeguard the rights and interests of the owner at the same time, also let the merchants in the face of the little platform service dispute when enjoy the first time maintain insurance claims.

team said, “the treasure plan” is overhead every bits of bit and platform of high-quality merchants to establish a further cooperation. Little certified merchants, and these quality merchants is equivalent to maintain their spot in the new version will be maintain order to the car wash business opportunities.

at the same time, the car treasure trade must be a good credit record, there is no cheat customer, do not set the price trap and complain record merchants, and service users in these businesses experience, if not satisfied with the service, maintain a little will be involved with the intermediate role, and by the textual research, the merchant is responsible for the compensation responsibility lies with the merchants.

about the future, the team said the overhead of bits and pieces of the future is to build the owner and the business communication, consumer platform. Connect the supply and demand more closely and transparent, just as car ownership little fee, founder of the shore in, and just needs and pain points, high frequency, is O2O application way out, and after the car services, this is so.