Main discount tide product bought honey “street”, IDG millions of dollars to A round of funding

street honey is a C2C mode of mobile terminal overseas online shopping platform, choose from the mobile end cut into the market, the main discount goods buy on sb’s behalf, integrating shopping, buy buy a hand and social communication, so as to realize one-stop cargo to share. It is understood that street honey belonging to hangzhou network technology co., LTD., born in alibaba’s senior team in early 2014. Hunting cloud network, according to A street honey finished IDG millions of dollars to A round of funding.

in founder young-fly-wang opinion, fashion buying better able to meet the demand of many buyers guide “super”, and the birth of the street, honey is appended to the environment in the present moment.

specific to honey “street”, the user can directly with street honey certification from global buyer communication, following the street honey buy hand sweeps money on a global scale, synchronous enjoy discounts, local real overseas shopping experience, users only need a APP, can finish all the process from communication to place the order, the ease with which to buy authentic “tide” from all over the world. And the buyer will be one-on-one help provide customs clearance, tax, domestic express and so on all distribution work, solves the overseas act as purchasing agency all the red tape. Second, in the street, honey users don’t have to master many languages, also do not need to translation software, a Chinese can easily sold around the world.

meanwhile, street honey or a social platform with temperature. Honey in the street, the user can set up their own circle of girlfriends, instant messaging, with the best friend for advice, tips, and share the happiness together, and can also be immersive experience and girlfriends go shopping fun. Domestic fashion buying, it is usually love to go shopping shopping, there are original ideas for fashion shopping, and willing to share their favorite things to others, so street honey in the realization of purchasing platform at the same time, also cultivate the use of the user viscosity.

in addition, street honey also to have the layout in the sea, logistics, set up its own logistics platform, honey “street”, hope to integrate global transport company and the same platform, develop industry service standards and price system standard, really break hai tao logistics price “black box”. Obviously, street honey really want to do is to create a healthy hai tao filling system.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, street honey in 28 countries and regions in the world already has nearly thousands of real-name authentication to buy hand, categories covering beauty makeup, clothing, shoes, from mother to child, health care, such as digital almost all hot commodity categories. Honey will speed up after get financing, the street in the layout of the world, by the end of 2015, honey “street” is expected to reach 100 countries, real-name authentication buy hand over.