Madame: social + resources docking, let old people enjoy the convenience of the Internet age

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“October be pregnant, be thanked by the” be, we and the parents are eternal. But drifting in the outside, how to better filial piety, how to let the parents also can enjoy the convenience of mobile Internet? Middle-aged and old social platform front arises at the historic moment.

stop the APP is a focus in elderly social demand, focus on “the elderly loneliness, emptiness, loneliness,” a widespread problem, and the desire of the young people want to be filial to parents, through the LBS technology rapid positioning peripheral interest groups, to carry out social activities to help old people. At the same time the software to record, middle-aged and old user activity and trajectory by associating children client APP, give children the elderly user information and data sharing, so that children at any time monitoring the parents’ health.

stop the current release front children ports and the old man. Old man side include “interest”, “health campaign”, “movement”, “small circle”, such as function modules. Children end function contains “share”, and “friends movement”, “friends”, etc. Children end by scanning the parents end qr code related parents, parents activity information, data, and parents to share photos, paying attention to their parents.

now, the old trend of present social groups, powerful and demand market demand differentiation is obvious. Stop the power in this field at present. Stop the activity team will release information to the elderly scattered demand together, make the elderly users quickly locate interest through LBS technology group team, eliminate the old guard at the same time, it can help the elderly to realize their own interests, make more “kindred spirit”. No longer to square dance. Will future platform on information and data collection, enhance the user experience. CEO zheng dawn said “this is a problem of aggregation, we will old people together, through the platform through the channel of their feelings, eventually forming the elderly community culture, let they no longer lonely, really enjoy the sunset.” Human social culture is to form the social circle, whether to bow or extension, common circles represent the emotion and power are unimaginable.

children end target groups just parents, children can end product early to related to the elderly health data, to understand parents’ status, while the parents the performance more open. Products will be docking later life service resources, domestic service resources, health care resources, tourism resources and so on. By online order after their children’s understanding of the needs of parents, the parents can also enjoy the mobile Internet era such as door-to-door service the convenience of life. COO xiaojun said: “although the children may not be able to accompany them to travel, but may travel through our docking, resources organization offline activities can let parents and their friends also have a good look at the world”.

on cultivating the consumption habit of the middle-aged and old users, babbling is going. For the elderly in China, children is very important, the influence of madame founded the same product to two ports – children and old man. By the consumption and use of children to develop the old habits, the elderly have been spread in different. Psychology is relatively easier to grab young users, and their propagation speed and adapt more quickly. Side pull parents to their children. Marketing group is a young man, but the target users are the elderly group. Old people are actually not repelled by the idea of mobile Internet products, only in this way they wariness is relatively high, through the use of children and promotion also can remove the old guard, makes the platform not only take on social mission can be more channels of family care.

front products are geared to the needs of older adults, but stop the team is a team with full passion, in the description of their products, the team’s COO xiaojun said proudly: “our product is not only based on market demand, but also stand in the perspective of humanistic care to make contributions to society.” The team founder & amp; CEO zheng dawn, at an early age to study abroad in Russia, returned with many famous overseas listed company as a senior IT consultant and manager. Ever responsible for a number of large and medium-sized information technology projects in team building, system architecture, project management, has the rich experience, has specialized services to more than hundreds of companies to provide IT; COO xiaojun, has rich experience in marketing and operational planning, good at coordination organization internal and external resources. Zheng dawn and xiaojun Is the tianjin university graduate students, and to obtain a master’s degree in engineering in 2012, the CTO Wen Peng, during the period of university, self-study Android and IOS mobile platform development, to complete before I graduate from multiple APP project, has rich experience in development and social APP platform architecture. The team has a very individual character name is gourd brothers. Was “the first is the number of the core team of seven people, at the same time, also want to show the team atmosphere is trust each other as brothers.” Zheng dawn smiled and said: “I now take care of your grandpa.”

the front earlier through the activities to attract users, late may also form a fixed club. Interface is similar to WeChat at present, in the early time and train users rely on many old people are more familiar with WeChat, forming the elderly themselves to front WeChat cognition is the elderly, the interface changes will be considered after the user habit has develop good questions.

front and at the same time based on the market in the future. As China’s approximation of aging population, the future in the use of electronic products and adapt to the speed will be greatly accelerated. Current and unceasing transformation of society makes the differences between the information circles, as well as differences in values increase, the elderly group focus will also be differences and differentiation. Madame, from the perspective of the social market to pavement, form the industrial chain.

the old social APP in the current main similar APP “dance”, “love home” and so on the middle-aged and old social APP, “dance” main interest in a particular group to provide social services, they focus on the “square dance”. “Love home” through the television as a medium of the family members, social effect, but the first two APP gradually fade out timely communication social function, while madame tend to do the elderly group “social” and “health campaign” requirements.

in terms of funding, babbling now plans to launch A round of funding. After financing, mainly used for product promotion and life service resources docking, secondly improve product health management, comprehensive docking medical resources.