Ma Yunxin internal speech: we don’t it is not wise, why become a millionaire

cloud network hunting note: ma believes that we are not hard, also not smart, in the end we all became a millionaire, what reason be? Because our luck, we actually very stupid, some wise man poached by other company, the rest of the people not smart, no one came to dig, the result has become so rich, only far vision, to go further.


red flag the latest issue of ma internal address: believe tomorrow “(revised edition) has been recently listed, this book has added 80% disclosed for the first time jack ma. Which he view himself and alibaba’s staff is very fit with the thinking of the aliens.

jack ma said that alibaba recruits are difficult to four or five years ago, now it is easy to recruit employees could walk on the street were we drew. We don’t hard, also not clever, as a result, we all became a millionaire, what reason be? Because of our luck, we actually very silly. Seven or eight years ago, many people joined the alibaba, some smart people think the company give the opportunity to very few, poached by other company, or your own business, increased income and treatment. The rest of the people not smart, no one came to dig, the results of five years later, looking back, we had become so rich.

smart people walked first The remaining became a millionaire

how entrepreneurs companies will slowly, do big, do strong, do? Recently, I felt his reputation big up, especially after listed, people see my eyes is wrong, what do you think alibaba how so severe, ma how so severe.

after a little bit of success, we may forget who you are, because we are young, we are ordinary people. Entrepreneurship, I constantly remind ourselves who we are and where we came from. On November 6 listed on alibaba, do you think alibaba is really great, how can have such a high market value. For me, on November 6, is the same with 5 November, how I did not feel the change.

before and after listing, I will be more than five years in alibaba staff together a meeting, I asked them a question. I said, there are so many millionaires and multimillionaires, alibaba in the eyes of others, we are very successful.

why success? Because we are diligent than others? I don’t see, although we very hard, but in this world there are lots of people than our diligence. Because we are smarter than others? I think not, four or five years ago we recruit employees is very difficult, now recruits easily, walking on the street were we drew.

we don’t hard, also not smart, in the end we all became a millionaire, what reason be? Because of our luck, we actually very silly. Seven or eight years ago, many people joined the alibaba, some smart people think the company give the opportunity to very few, poached by other company, or your own business, increased income and treatment. The rest of the people not smart, no one came to dig, the results of five years later, looking back, we had become so rich.

I and my son just said don’t need to test three medium

alibaba now, first of all thanks to the Internet industry, the industry, no Internet, we can’t be subversive thinking, our industry high-speed growth of the achievement. Secondly, I would like to thank the Chinese economy high speed growth, especially want to thank my team, they cook for five years, always believe me, follow me. Not that I’m Ma Yunyou how smart and capable, others say I do, I think is that my staff can do.

I told my son, you don’t need to test three, medium is ok, don’t be too bad. Such people have more time to learn other skills. I think that China’s economic development, it needs a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises, need a large number of entrepreneurs has the correct values and a sense of mission.

fool others easily but the key to tell the truth when

I think it is very easy to fool other people, I can tell others hypocrisy, you very hard very hard, insist on a few years, can be certain of success. But in fact, you can tell he is a no way. I believe that the people in my life, and many times need someone to tell you the truth, need someone to tell you the truth at the moment.

I’m very grateful to my college English teacher. I learn English, more than ten years, and he to learn English with foreigners. How is the weather in hangzhou, no matter, I will run to the west lake to find a foreigner to practice oral English. I take them around the west lake, they taught me oral English, insist on for eight years or so, so my English pronunciation is very good, at least better than rural children. University of time, have an English test, I only got 59, rural children to take an examination of the very.

I was very mad, go to the English teacher said that my English pronunciation is accurate, why only 59 minutes for me? It’s not fair. The teacher said, you read a to me please. I will read a paragraph, he really well. My heart feel for the balance, and didn’t expect him to say again: 59, will make-up exam next year.

in the second year, I went to make-up exam, he gave me a 60 points. I asked him why, he said that because you don’t know who you are, you are too arrogant, your level is only 59.

when doing the “win in China” of the judges, there are a few players is very cute and speak very humor, very funny, but is not fit for promotion, you said will they stay, the ratings were there. I said, I should tell the truth, because I believe that this program for a lot of early-stage entrepreneurs, and even the effects of 5 ~ 10 years of entrepreneurs is very big.

if I fool, said is not true, for fun and funny, will hurt a generation of entrepreneurs.

establishment, we have a good pattern, the industry and the team, so we go now. I can tell you that any enterprise, to others is very good, often is the time when the disaster is coming. People also is such, found the problem, already late.

the company’s leaders must know what things will turn into cancer, to constantly check-up, constantly reflect on. Someone asked me, what’s the matter with your face look so strange? I said, because I think of something funny, every day I wonder what will hinder the development of the company, what will become cancer, what will become cold.

employees much later, also a lot more trouble. Alibaba has nearly 9000 employees, the vast majority of employees are on the junior college degree, bachelor degree or above, everyone thinks he is very clever, why you are smarter than I am, everyone is talking about strategy and tactics, so it is difficult to tube. In big companies, will appear a lot of problems, you should constantly to think.

why ali only seven companies Because management ability is limited

do enterprise must focus on. For enterprise strategic target, absolutely can’t more than three. More than three, you will not remember, the employee can’t remember. Set goals, every year to determine the three most important, the fourth is cut off.

why alibaba is now seven companies, rather than at eight? A person’s management ability is limited, only seven teams, seven here there is no problem, more than seven, will be a problem. For small businesses, the strategy is to survive. To survive, you must want to know three things: the first is you what to do, the second is how to do, and the third is how long do you.

some business, within two years if not done, will regret the previous decision. Today, alibaba can have a very important reason is: we only do e-commerce, not into other areas.

at the beginning in order to survive, or to get listed, or in order to raise cash, we can enter the short-term or gaming. But I’m afraid to get up early, set out late, so I tell myself, anyway have nine years, I don’t care again in ninety. Have such a mentality, is likely to go forward. Never give up who would say, the key is really after a clash of heads, whether or not you will give up.

this words I have deep experience, business to succeed, will never give up. Everyone thought it impossible for China to electronic commerce, there is no credit system, no bank payment system, there is no network infrastructure, how can you do? Everyone is so, but I firmly believe that China will realize online transactions. To make e-commerce in China, the lack of credit system, market system, payment system, search tools and software, how to do? Then will they built, entrepreneurs if wait until all conditions have started to do, isn’t you of the opportunity early.

good things in front, with what others do not do, let you do, your hard work than other people? For alibaba, will set up the seven companies, because China’s lack of these companies.

paypal how do I worry about multinational companies will come in to do

pay treasure is how to do? At that time, I go to the bank, the bank said they will do, because it is a financial product. However, if China’s enterprises are not enter payments, multinational enterprises will enter, in that case, we would have become a victim of others. I listen to Clinton speaks at the meeting in davos, leadership. I suddenly understand what is leadership, is bold to do what you believe, do not harm national and customers.

so, I decided to go to do immediately, actively. Zhang SAN’s shop to find li si, li si not give, zhang took the money to pay treasure, if he cheated, lost 1 million yuan, I will pay 1 million yuan. People say I’m a fool, I was really put money there, ready to compensate. We have to do the system clean, I don’t get a penny, you can to check at any time. In this way, the government will feel that you don’t do who is going to do?

enterprise in the process of development, the leader is critical. I am the leader of alibaba, I have to do the pioneers of China’s e-commerce, must want to know what you want to do, what to do, how long to do.

Internet has three major parts, the first is the ideology. This plate, I think it is difficult to do, because I don’t see the world ideology will unify, so I don’t do, for someone else to do. Sina, sohu, do well, let them do it.

the second is the entertainment industry, is the game, tencent do better this plate. I always feel that the game does not change the Internet industry, because people can’t always play games, business people all over the world can play the game. So, I decided to do the Internet’s third-largest plates – e-commerce. And our client is small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, this is I give alibaba’s positioning. If there is a big enterprise, in principle, we don’t do the business.

and, when the small and medium-sized enterprises in alibaba may only bumps in the scale of ten thousand yuan, then can become the scale of tens of millions of yuan or one hundred million yuan, I will say to them, you’re into the scale of the one hundred million yuan now, should go to find someone else, I only do small and medium-sized enterprises and e-commerce. Can’t teach elementary school, the thinking of teaching high school, even college want to do. In the case of who want to know the customer is, we’re going to lock in the market, to do things to do. In front of the benefit and the temptation to learn to say No (not), anyway, I’m not.

great why people great vision to see farther Go on further

I had today, there is a very important reason. I’m learning English, I have a very good chance, saw a lot of good people over the years, Bill Gates in the field of high technology, have do investment buffett, and Clinton. I made friends with them and communicate with them.

the first time I saw Bill Clinton, I thought, this man how so want to question. So much of the President, talk to you, will always be looking at you. Some of our director and director, talking to people, eyes are looking up. He looked at you, you will feel, a great man as ordinary people when there is great.

I do again, in front of Hillary Clinton, in terms of leadership and governance, can I? So, I want to learn from him. Think of the future and Bill Gates, buffett, soros of investment idea, these people are worth my mind to study hard. Primary social responsibility of enterprises, not do anything to make money, some enterprises make product is, indeed, to deceive, the results of each year to donate some money to others, becomes a good man.

the leader’s eye, mind and strength is most important. Over the years, I always insist on the idea. Sights of leaders is not enough, we match with other people, may see farther than a is who, who see more higher. Business has become more and more difficult, and eyes to see further, go further.

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