Ma: during the start-up was disguised as a girl chatting, users to 30000 seeds

note: hunting cloud held at the university of Hong Kong yesterday on the subject of innovative entrepreneurial Dream Catchers BBS, tencent chairman ma huateng 45 points at two o ‘clock in the afternoon in the conference center made a keynote speech, lee shau kee, sharing his entrepreneurial experience and answered media Zhang Lifen a series of tough questions relating to the product, all rivals, take a look at SMW weekly reporting from –

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about entrepreneurship: once disguised as a girl chatting

“to a small company, my job is an engineer, another is writing the founder of the general manager. (laughter.) because I technology is strong, can’t the boss came out to work, I was pretending to be an engineer.”

“return true later development system, find his old club,, and then to do 30000 users, then go to the school each user. Up to 30000 people may be two years later, the company died, was hit on the hand again. At that time we just finished selling, finish to sell, a lot of development. Itself to online promotion, finally users came up, the beginning no one to chat, I myself will chatting, (laughter and applause.) sometimes change the avatar, disguised as a girl, so it appears community is very busy, so it is.”

why do micro letter? Speak micro letter and operators: the relationship between fish and water

“three years ago, the Internet on PC, this three years turn upside down, the mobile Internet is the real Internet… Also has a domestic company in the transforming course of the mobile Internet can’t keep up with, fast left behind. Even strong like Facebook, the stock fell to 70 billion, because people fear it to mobile terminal has a problem. Until Facebook attaches great importance to the mobile terminal quickly over the past two years, before they go out including app pour acquisition, did not dare to neglect, all dare not, otherwise it is doom.”

“do WeChat, because we have seen a little bit different. We were very nervous, there are three teams (tencent) internal doing at the same time, all call letter, who won the top. The last guangzhou do E-mail from team win, chengdu team disappointed, just a month.”

“the most began to micro letter with operators is very nervous, no one text messages, phone is also less. I will limit you, there are a lot of countries all over the world will make the many moves to limit you. Actually this is overwhelming, I always tell them that you rest assured, you will definitely benefit from, your voice down, but your traffic up, how can a disadvantage? Growth is hard to say, until last year, data growth is faster than voice, now relieved, the relationship between fish and water with me.”

speak drops, fast battles: the highest one day loss of 40 million

“we support, support fast alibaba, we are like war, like wulin (laughs), loss of about 20 million a day, and then scrambled to 30 million, I also with, the highest one day 40 million, who also did not dare to stop, a hand was disqualified, internal injuries died. (laughter.) Then communicate with Mr. Ma, and finally merged in many capital brokered. (laughter.)”

“now face uber competition, China has been the Internet companies in outside, and a local strongmen who wins? Now without exception are extortionate won, not a beat local strongmen. Local entrepreneurs all lives here, can make decisions several times a day, multinational companies to report to the boss, the boss and the jet lag. Here have money again, PE is very active, to local Chinese entrepreneurs still very confident, very grounding, and active thinking, a road impassability, try way.”

Zhang Lifen dialogue ma

a: before reporters, you mentioned that you most like the identity of the description, “software engineer”, what do you think now?

horse: I am a software engineer in the product manager, will ultimately determine product direction, mastery of the user experience. So I spend a lot of time with this product, especially at the core of WeChat, QQ, Email. Many bugs, I find my ability is very strong in this field, including the latest 6.2, a lot of problems but I find, instinctive habit, so also can see the atmosphere of the drive to the company.

a: how to use you as a user, do you have any tips?

horse: no, a lot of use, with unceasingly, try to find the scene of communication, gradually find the feeling. The most important ability for a product manager, is to turn itself into a fool, found the problem, and then wonder why you like that? Then become a developer. A second fool, a second major.

a: an American rival evaluation: a fast-learner, copy soon, very creative in the copy, do you think of China’s Internet has passed this time?

horse: first of all, IT should be said that the United States is dominant, the top ten is the United States, almost all they do is a global, database system, the router chip, the core of IT is in the United States, everyone is not a starting point, for outside the United States, are learning, copy, and there is no doubt that . But in application level, culture, the user’s choice of different, created a lot of China’s Internet, there are part of the United States has not walk fast in China, from the perspective of the mobile Internet, China’s 650 million Internet users, 560 million through the mobile Internet, permeability by 80%, to 280 million in the United States, 60-70%, permeability that China is more than twice as many in the United States. Something new, faster in Asian countries such as China mobile, for example WeChat public account, we see the Facebook this a few months, also doing is not for us, who to who copy, see who can meet the requirements of .

a: China has allowed the us to copy?

horse: right. (applause.) now begin to emerge.

a: recent pain points, often asked what is a sore point.

horse: for example, tax and invoice, this is the pain points, you want to stay in a hotel, want to open a invoice, proof, back to submit an expense account. Can use WeChat sweep, you don’t have to print, electronic invoices in the cloud, from my card out of money, and then two minutes after the money back to my card. I don’t have to make any false invoices, this is the case, they feel very excited. Including domestic, you know invoice winning, get dirty, how a few dollars, in trouble, this is the spot, I said I can sweep, immediately know, I also can send my colleague in a red envelope to rob, can also be in the circle of friends to show off.

a: that’s right. (smile) let me think of oneself painful experience at home. Pony, you mentioned to do the Internet, to do subtraction, and in a word, common in journalism: I leave half-life, with a half-life survival, will be very difficult thing, what you mean.

horse: this is this year’s summit, in shenzhen host says tencent’s half-life, because we did a lot of subtraction, do a lot of business is also a partner, to juggle a lot of people, then use this proportion. Half-life is good also, I think, may be better, the host said someone the whole life with you half-life, protect you. Our strategy for, really is, the original do platform, do now.

this thing now, only we can do other things, others can do try to get someone else to do. The biggest problem, the founder of the entrepreneurs, mentality, again big or the lack of an enterprise entrepreneurs, a lot of business to be left all lives in the people inside, not allow yourself to the following departments screwing with them in the end, we’ve done before also failed, so the internal employees say, that’s not deprive us of the innovation opportunity, I said can’t, either you want to know, you go out to do. Either take the way of competition, game development studios, for example, 20% of the profits, calculate your costs, recruit more people, the cost is big, how much stock you make yourself, try to build the atmosphere of competition in the market.

a: I remember a few years ago, I interviewed several your peers, and competitors. Tencent said the company is very orderly, so sometimes don’t like American Internet company in silicon valley, even think tencent’s strategy, is not very encourage competition. But I noticed that in the past few years, no matter at home and abroad, the market seems to have changed the impression. but objectively speaking, the top five international Internet companies, there are at least two into do not come to China mainland market, your sympathy for their plight? (laughs)

horse: I’m not on behalf of others, we also have no precedent in the industry. But, for example, as we all know MSN was QQ’s biggest rival, he has no limit, unimpeded, but in the end he is dead, too.

the first, he didn’t die we missing, there is no catch up with the social, it is for Facebook abort it. Second, they didn’t do the Chinese localization, a facelift, Chinese fonts at sixes and sevens, handing, these local operation does not pass safely. Now chat this QQ if office, micro letter leisure, MSN office before, QQ leisure use. In fact in the field of micro letter regulation is also smooth, more restrictions or related to content, information security.

a: do you think of Google, Facebook, mark zuckerberg or have any Suggestions?

horse: I think the world is very big. (laughter and applause.). Actually now experienced, fully compete, we win, we’re so over. Local and multinational companies, founder of the disadvantage of this kind of competition as long as no funds, now many Chinese funds, probability is big.

a: what do you think of jack ma? (laughs)

horse: today don’t comment, personal relationship is very good actually, joint investment company has five or six, for example, huayi brothers. There is competition also is normal, don’t be demonized, seasoning, you for so many years, the amazon, eBay rushed to come to China, alibaba is very strong, defeated them to win the market, this is no doubt, can’t blame the government.

a: have a saying, the first generation of the Internet leader, they have no longer young, I have not 28, indigenous people on the Internet, to administer a large corporation, the demand for young people and a new generation, become a bit strange.

horse: actually you didn’t do anything wrong, wrong in you is too old. We first see Snapchat, foreign 13 to 18 years old children in use, we have high work feel so silly so bored, can’t see the value, only a little, then rise quickly. , vice President of us have been to this company, is a glass house by the sea, a small company, felt a stone break them. There were only $20 million, we didn’t go in, far more than we can imagine now, billions of dollars.

many investors estimate must go home to ask their children, the children now deliberately is not the same as adults, many children in China still use QQ, this is not a technical problem, the problem of humanity, they don’t want to be with my parents in a circle. Similar to pop up a lot, for some new things we can’t understand, but respect, popular and reasonable.

a: four to five minutes, we are very short answer. Micro letter changed from person to person, and even family life, but you see we have a meal, a table of people playing with mobile phones, we’ve become a slave to social media.

horse: include damage to the eyes is very big, this one or two years I have been in glasses, cervical vertebra is ill. Later I’m looking forward to can pick up brain waves and think what passed directly. Actually we still have to look, look at your self-control, you want to be controlled, not controlled by it, including a circle of friends, we also want to help users to get rid of the noise, also in consideration.

a: your idea of hero?

horse: want to cultural relics of the neo-confucianism in the day, before Einstein what of, later found no chance. Now in this area, there are many heroes, such as jobs, his views on the product is deep, a lot of unreasonable masterpiece, ios fluency is much better.

a: what book to read?

horse: science fiction and three body, liu recently several short.

a: play what game?

horse: mobile game, our own games.

a: do you want to do?

horse: the artificial intelligence. Future hope more intelligent electronic devices, for example, as well as uavs fly a circle back, help see road, be your bodyguard, there is a combination of a lot of knowledge.

a: this year, 2015, 2020, five years later, tencent and where will you be in?

horse: many companies with our solution, as basic as water and electricity.

a: will become the first?

horse: never see this, never to see the value change, as the most important things is very meaningful.

a: today is the first time to come to Hong Kong, the classmate say two words?

horse: I think that the students have a lot of innovation is very good, also hope that the students out of the society to keep open, sunshine state of mind, after learning industry in society, social knowledge, the more the knowledge of the ground, embrace the society more. Don’t aim high, a little frustration and can not stand, the trouble is that we have, never someone born to hello, also will not necessarily lucky forever, forever will encounter problems. The last suggestion, looking for more than a few partners, much better than alone.

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