M taken: based on the image vertical social life, establish the platform O2O photography services market supply and demand

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

as digital camera, smart phones, widely popular, photography industry has entered a unprecedented high speed development, the whole industry chain includes equipment sales, photography education social, photography, travel, photography, etc. At the same time, photography user demand for network platform is also increasing.

from the beginning of creation, m just expect, which is based on image vertical social platform of life, then photography services market supply and demand of O2O platform, gradually will photography industry chain of each link. CEO taken as m, wang qiang told hunting cloud network. We hope the products have several big functions: photography industry media platform, photography enthusiasts social platform, photography OTO platform. Along with the continuously grope, m will be more clear.

wang qiang think, meters and industry product differentiation is that users have different concerns. M pat main difference in the photography of the picture social social. Ins of the successful transformation, for example, wang qiang to hunt cloud network expounds his views: ins do is extensive social images, users communicate more is own life, interests and other information. And m users for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, people’s social to video filming technique and processing techniques as the breakthrough point. Ins do breadth, depth we do.

at the same time, with the traditional photography services, on the degree of differentiation of rice shoot to hunt cloud network said: generally speaking, traditional photography services of three major parts: wedding photography, photography, pr photography of children. We defined it as photography production, cultivate team earn a quick buck. Traditional photography services focus is to satisfy the consumer, also is to please customers. And meters of focus is to please the professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, the core is still a photographer.

life vertical social platform in addition to the image, how the rice shoot O2O mode of photography services market targeting their business direction?

m on convective cloud network said: we know a lot about behavior in photography industry, we know that photography enthusiasts have such requirements. For example, the professional photographic equipment