M: “my world”, from AIDS to the interests of the community cold start

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block is a game “my world” (Minecraft is the official name, the domestic players more called “my world”) of the professional tools, it is like a box, collection of all kinds of resources “my world”, players can access to the server, the Mod here, material resources, such as package and skin, in fact, the core function of wheat block is interest community, players can be found in exclusive community communication partners of the game.

as the founder and CEO, to hunt Yang Kun cloud network said: Michael block team has more than 10 years experience in the download game platform, launched in 2011, the “canned” and “game” the circle of these two products, the download platform and social platform game, after two years of operation, Michael block team found that there’s a game called “my world” downloads and discuss degree is very high, accordingly, the game players lack a can exchange platform, so Michael block team transformation in July 2014, started the m block development and operation.

so in September 2014, Michael block is launched, in the case of has yet to do any promotion, by the end of last week, m piece of IOS version in the APP Store social ranked 20 free list and downloads millionaire, site PV increase 92% per month, PC registrations at around 200000, daily living is about 6-70000, the average monthly increase of 63%, the survival rate was 45%, live about 500000 mobile end month, day live about 12-130000, post number about 200000.

compared with other game BBS and social platform, co-founder Yang Kun says the difference is that the product planning: compared with the general BBS only active in the PC game, mike pay more attention to mobile terminal block, in addition to the PC version, version of the APP has been launched. Compared with the conventional game BBS for technical bias, m piece of something in terms of content will be heavier, for players to sense; And relative to the general relationship between social platform heavy and light content, the characteristics of “my world” the game just can produce a lot of valuable content, game resources as auxiliary tool to help players quickly production content, match the resources download users and BBS users.

the development of new features in the gradual Yang Kun told hunting cloud network. At the end of this month, wheat piece will add chat APP end, players can discuss topics, etc. Next, Michael will develop professional system, according to the characteristics of “my world” to design different roles, players can choose their favorite occupation, and by creating content as a way to upgrade, realize the level to get a sense of accomplishment, building like some players like to play games, for instance, some players like to play a game live, and some players like in BBS game related novels written by yourself… We want to for these users and make the corresponding label category, let they deepen their communication in their own circle. At the same time, on the scale of resources, PC and PE resources edition of content, there will be a huge expansion in the server platform, wheat plan covers 90% of the server, import players for the server, a convergence between the players and server platform.

from business model, in the current wheat block user base of qq COINS, under the current situation of the main wheat team plans to add member service, the rate of pay raise will be a profit; At the same time, the wheat block can expect with Microsoft (currently Minecraft belongs to Microsoft) to form benign cooperation, promotion and the sale of the game. In addition, the game peripheral product sales is also being planned. Yang Kun convective cloud network said: based on the direction of the product, operational data will be in the mobile terminal, PC and web sites PV show up.

project: wheat
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