“M English online English learning platform” to complete the Pre – A round of millions of dollars in financing

cloud network hunting note: mobile online English learning platform “recently announced for the Pre – A round of millions of dollars in financing. The investment capital led by longteng Fang Shun angel round investment capital to vote for. “Know m English” belongs to the blue brain education technology co., LTD. Hangzhou, the company was founded in 2014, has introduced “know meters back word” and “know m hearing” two mobile applications. Team members from companies such as netease, ali, founding team including former netease cloud class members of the project.

“know meters back word” online, at the end of 2013, is a demand for university and high school students English test, dedicated to provide mobile test tools and services online learning English. Product features include: remember the words collocation, the lock screen to review the words, the custom, regular automatic synchronization, offline learning new words, etc., covering the user reference appendix university cet, one’s deceased father grind and study abroad.

launched in November 2014 m hearing APP. From hearing, task learning oriented, to provide training, sentence copy new words, articles, reinforcement learning mode and strictly according to the difficulty, the listening material divided into college English teachers carefully selected.

founder capable, said Chen after this round of financing, know m English team will strengthen the iOS version products development, know English to English education, the future will gradually develop know m O2O products such as reading, writing, spoken English product line, product line to improve the mobile online learning English. Hope to make high efficiency, easy and interesting mobile online English learning platform.

it is reported that two product online download user has accumulated nearly 20 million, nearly 5 million registered users, in living up to millions.