Lyft financing $150 million, activist investor Carl icahn led

last night, the United States a taxi Lyft software company announced that the company had won a $150 million capital injection in the latest round of financing, among them, the activist investor Carl Icahn (Carl Icahn), Icahn Enterprises (Icahn Enterprises LP) led, capital injection amount is $100 million. So far, Lyft financing has nearly $1 billion.

to note that this round of funding is Lyft announced on March the continuation of the same round of investment, at that time, the Japanese electricity giant lotte (ex) led, Lyft raised funds of $530 million, valued at $2.5 billion. That is to say, icahn capital injection is same $2.5 billion valuation. In order to calculate, he will get Lyft a 4% stake in the company. In addition, icahn enterprises managing director Jonathan Christodoro will join Lyft board.

compared with Uber $41 billion valuation, Lyft is still very weak and its operations in 65 cities in the United States alone, Uber has extended to more than 250 cities around the world. In addition, the recent news that Uber also plans for a new round of financing, amount, or in a $2 billion valuation of more than $50 billion.

however, icahn believes that with a $2.5 billion valuation to Lyft investment worth, “if you look at Uber market valuations look at Lyft, investment Lyft absolutely too value.” Lyft, he thought, “twice.”

this capital injection a start-up for icahn are rare. As is known to all, he’s known is a large number of equity investment in the listed company and urged its management to change. Such actions and personal signature to Lyft development or financing play a promoting role in the future.

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