Luggage: from travel tools, the tourist scene driving insurance sales

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these days, the word “online travel” is on the rise, both established online travel brands, such as where to travel, ctrip, way cattle travel, trip, or a new company, etc., such as honeycomb, bread day travel online travel market competition intensifying, and also inevitable problems homogeneity. Based on the above analysis of the online travel market, looking for differentiation of development ideas become an inevitable problem.

as hunting cloud network today to introduce a travel tools – luggage App. Luggage is a new insurance company’s products, senior team belongs to a new station insurance agency co., LTD. Luggage was launched in January 2014, based on the senior team the genes of insurance company, suitcases, choose from travel tools, through the tourism consumption scenarios to drive the insurance business. Is not hard to find, luggage in an effort to seek the development of differentiation, and its logic is to find a new online travel products export.

on luggage logic layout at the same time, the question of why the business idea? Suitcases, head of convective cloud network interpretation, the company’s main business is the network insurance, in the process of operation, found that sales of travel insurance is growing rapidly, it shows that both domestic and overseas tourism users are increasing year by year, the tourism users in addition to insurance, certainly will need to use other services, in a new environment, if we can have a mobile App solve various problems, people travel to travel more smoothly, there must be a user need. Under the idea, the concept of luggage.

specific to the product itself, luggage UI to take small and pure and fresh design, interface simple nature. Cover weather, translation on the function, such as strategy, bookkeeping, exchange rate, simple and practical. Through the luggage user can set the starting point and destination (supports multiple destinations and overseas destination), the residence time at the destination, the schedule Settings interface can also view the travel route on the map at the top right-hand corner. Set up after the trip, departure, arrival time, the weather will appear in the main interface, the user to check the time and weather.

second, luggage has this charge to an account and billing functions. This provide consumer classification of charge to an account, amount, currency options, such as support pictures of charge to an account at the same time, the convenient user with an account in the travel. At the same time, when the user set up stroke, stroke during the user record bill will automatically generate the travel bill, is very convenient. From the point of the author’s experience, luggage bill function design simple, travel cost be clear at a glance, reducing the tourism consumption statistics trival.

in addition, luggage also provide destination emergency rescue way; For the outbound users, real-time translation and query function is also very intimate practical exchange rate. Luggage translation function and use of baidu and Google translation interface, support more than 20 languages, of course, luggage travel insurance service. According to the team leader, the future luggage will join the membership registration synchronous data, travel assistant, and other functions.

behind luggage instead of function, also have to consider the tourism security problems. Suitcases, head of the explanation for this is that, the user’s information security is an issue has been more concerned, not in the case of without the user authorization is optional to collect the user’s device and privacy information; Second server by its own technical team management, the company has a dedicated information security services to protect the safety of the server.

the whole, there are also some travel tools on the market, but most of the single function, for example, a single currency calculator, weather around the view class tools, like luggage this function is complete, the design style is pure and fresh products are rare. Hunting cloud network that popular in online travel market at present, the diversity of the luggage has been seeking development route, and luggage’s greatest value lies in the fact that through this travel tools to win the market, at the same time through travel scenario to promote insurance sales. So, the thinking of luggage for online travel and insurance industry, is a good export.

travel scene, it seems, small coverage, imperfect solutions, function setting is fine as luggage for future development. At present, the luggage was downloaded more than 430000, retained more than in 200000, daily active users remain at a high level. According to the team leader, project financing, also had a after the product such as well, to consider the things of financing.

“tool attribute of the suitcase, can let users understand the destination in time, completes the trip planning; And travel insurance services, allows users to the entire journey more secure. After the travel, when every time the user to open the travel diary books, also can arouse a wonderful memory. Future, luggage will still be around in the process of tourism multi-worlds and all kinds of scenarios to provide products and services, the tourist boxes into a practical, beautiful travel tools.” Team leader said finally

products: luggage
Company: a new station insurance agency co., LTD.

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