Low key enterprises, chengdu pharmaceutical terminal network has completed 27 million A round of funding

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cloud network hunting note: domestic third-party pharmaceutical electricity B2B trading platform “drug terminal network” recently announced that it had completed by partners China collar, with A round of the 27 million yuan A perilous peak huaxing rounds of financing, the financing by grain capital letter as exclusive financing consultant.

the hunting cloud network editor linked to drug terminal network founder and CEO He Side (called “csi”), csi says, “still more smoothly in the financing process, because the process of communication and management is also very honest, real, is more clear, due diligence made only two days, so soon finished. In addition, the round of financing, A +/B are being done is almost done.”

medicine terminal network was established in May 2010, in April 2014 to obtain Internet issued by the administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of pharmaceutical trade license (the A20140002 third-party trading platform), the platform aims to contribute to pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical agents/wholesale company with terminal pharmacies, clinics and other merchants wholesale trading.

drug terminal network this year plans to open 10 except chengdu branch, has opened six, the business scope has covered to sichuan, chongqing, hubei, hunan, anhui, fujian, xinjiang and other places, also plans to open in shanxi, Inner Mongolia, liaoning, shandong, zhejiang, henan and other places of branches/offices.

founder He Side said that since last year launched in May 2014, drug terminal network has completed more than 80000 orders, more than 20000 registered users, to more than 15 million month, accumulative total turnover has amounted to 100 million yuan, the growth is amazing, and has maintained a fairly optimistic development growth, is expected in the second half of 2015 water exceeds 300 million yuan.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, relevant institutions for regulation is very strict in the field of medicine, requirements must be traceable, and between the provinces have a “control pin” phenomenon, namely control channels, control prices, control terminal. Supply chain, pharmaceutical terminal net each provincial branch, in provinces, solve the problem of goods supply, upstream downstream development B end users.

for start-up companies in the field of B2B supply chain integration, the most important thing is the price, then the drug terminal net price advantage come from? Drug terminal network team to hunt cloud network said, the price advantage is mainly based on two points, one is disintermediated, this to raise the price advantage is self-evident; Second, information transparency, the traditional pharmacy purchasing drugs is the existence of asymmetric information, then with the help of drugs terminal network this platform can well solve the problem of asymmetric information, reduce the price.

founder He Side work in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, has rich experience and resources, before medicine terminal network also had two entrepreneurial experience, are in the medical field. As the policy for the drug circulation combined with the relatively open of the Internet, and solve some problems in the field of traditional medicine circulation, He Side founded medicine terminal network, to reduce procurement costs, pharmacy eventually benefit the consumers.

hunting cloud network learned that drug terminal network A round of the 27 million will be mainly used to establish A branch, attracting more talents expansion team, business development, etc.

the friend introduction, author and “csi” had a thorough exchange (ok, I admit it is a meal), was “csi” Shared a lot of dry goods, involving the aspects including management, financing techniques, strategic planning, etc., were approved, the writer has benefited. Our benefit where’s your conscience?? To “csi” issued hunting cloud network business guest speaker at the invitation of the public class, follow-up will be out of the public class activity forecast manuscript, please attention of entrepreneurs interested in friends. (note: the activities in chengdu)

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