Lovely baby see another product team, “eclipse” has selected 360 dandelion plans

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cloud network hunting note: eclipse of the moon is made of another product team, has selected 360 dandelion plans. Its main function is to provide during the period of “nursing” newborn mother professional advice about diet, and in the form of video + text provide food production methods, and provides a community for the target audience communication, communication.

eclipse APP interface is like this:

eclipse APP navigation bar is mainly divided into advice, recipes, and community three parts.

suggested part includes postpartum calendar, warm prompt and variety of food and beverage. Tips will involve some with life, baby need to be aware of the content; Catering more detailed advice distribution, is divided into 6, “new mother suggested that much food a few during lili, 6 is more appropriate choice”, every 2 to 3 kinds of choice is given. The nutritional requirements of these recommendations are based on target groups under the guidance of nutrition consultant.

in view of some people don’t complete the advice given to recipes, so in terms of menu also provides video form of recipes, cooking can be found that the user wants just search method. It has practical significance for the most of the newborn family, because most are young, life experience is not enough, especially in the aspect of cooking.

part of the community set up more meticulous, are associated with postpartum care, child care, etc.

but there is a problem, the eclipse the disadvantages of this product has a natural, namely the user is almost never use after a month, month retained almost zero, even if constantly have new customers to come in, also have plenty of losing customers. No matter how full your product function, how friendly interaction. Peng Xu founder, said, “we are aware of this problem, the idea is to late to eclipse the product integration into the lovely baby side dish, make recommendations on confined meal lovely baby see inside a function.”

at present the main focus of the team’s on cute baby consisting of the products.

according to Peng Xu, China each year, 16 million newborns, the eclipse + lovely baby consisting of two products target population between the age of 1 to 3 years old, probably count down, total target population about 64 million, excluding 50% less access to the Internet crowd, the crowd of the market will be about 30 million.

“at present, under the condition of no promotion of lovely baby see activation volume in about 4-5 k every day, that is to say, if you don’t do promotion each year about 100 w new users, so we hope that the effort to achieve 3 million, it was without capital intervention. If there are capital intervention, we hope to do 8 million new users.”

for planning, lovely baby consisting of late will join special “light” and “maternal and infant electrical contractor” part. Peng Xu to hunt cloud network, said their current operators 14 QQ group, there are about 7000 newborns, mom, the user is the demand of the special “light”, in addition whether confined meal or infant side dish, have no a good channel for them, so will be late around the point of eating maternal and infant food electric company, this is a lovely baby see team’s vision of a business model.

at present, the team has launched A round of funding plan.