Lovely baby robot: Smiby accompany lonely parents in the home for you

the Japanese tried to use robots to ease the aging problem is no secret. It is predicted that by 2060, the population of the elderly over the age of 65 will be 40% of the population, the Japanese government is not willing to relax regulation of immigration. That is to say, in the case of increasing aging population, the island will not be able to provide enough manpower to care for the elderly.

after SoftBank unveiled a long-awaited robot companion Pepper, said this product to be able to identify human emotion and react accordingly. Compared with Pepper, another is not so high-tech baby “robot” might be more get the welcome of the elderly, especially those children to work outside of the empty-nest elderly. It is understood that the sprouting of robot baby will be on sale next week.

Smiby robots, robot by zhong jing university technology department and Togo Seisakusyo company common development. It just like a baby in 44 cm long, weighs 1.2 kg. Need “parents” at any time to take care of, if long time no one ignore it, it will begin to cry cry cry. According to the asahi newspaper reported, its built-in motion sensor can identify the master’s action. When parents pick up Smiby on her arms gently shaking, it will be very happy, and then like a really baby laughed, and the face of the pink light LED lights; When you shake too much, it will be not happy, face this time on the face of the LED can emit blue light, that it was crying.

Researchers at the university of

zhong jing took six months to record the sound of more than 500 were 1 year old baby, and the purpose is to let Smiby more real. Smiby except leds will blink of an eye and mouth, and it’s wearing a super cute furry clothes. In the case of a full charge, Smiby can work continuously for 10 hours. In general, it is similar to electronic pets, once all the rage but Smiby electronic pets more than provoking love, premise is you to take good care of it, because it also is to have feelings.

Smiby is involved robotics for the first time, but to solve the problem of the elderly, robot baby not Togo Seisakusyo first product of the company. The company’s most famous products for auto parts, such as brake pedal, the accelerator pedal. After they for the elderly launched a mechanical seat, the seat can easily adjust sitting position for the elderly, or helping them out of bed and down on the sofa.

although Pepper is not developed specifically for talking to the elderly, but its ability to recognize human emotions, also let it become the perfect partner robot in the elderly. Another small desktop robots called while Chapit have similar functions, and after programming, it can also be programmed for home automation, such as use it to change the TV channel or switch on air conditioners, etc.

look from the functionality, Pepper and while Chapit will compete with Smiby form directly. However, Pepper and while Chapit biggest disadvantage is that their price, the price of another product is nearly $2000. While Smiby cost just $570. In addition, Togo Seisakusyo will also provide samples for free for some nursing homes.

although it is a good deed for the Japanese people, but for a country of advanced enough production machine is cute or disturbing?