Love chef xue her honey haired: a chef to come home for dinner, please, “kitchen door” become a restaurant O2O new play

cloud network hunting on February 10 report (word/flat HongGuang)

dining guide UGC, from “public comments on” to the “thousand regiment war” era of group purchase, and then to “hungry” represented by the “tao” dots restaurant takeout, restaurant O2O showed a trend of diversification of the dining way, at the same time, the traditional thinking of “yen” in the Internet age also have new annotation. Like, choose from the dimension of kitchen door cut into the restaurant O2O, the “cook” as the core of door-to-door service.

cloud network understanding, hunting love chef, founder and CEO of xue her honey haired, worked in finance, baidu, CBSI, worked as a community, a product manager, marketing director and so on a variety of positions, and a serial entrepreneur, chef “love” is the third time he entrepreneurial business experience. In xue her honey haired view, in addition to its own love the chef to cook, restaurant consumption, delivered to your door three dining way outside of the fourth, for the question of food safety and food and beverage staff quality, but also the feasibility of supporting the “cook” door.

in fact, love the chef is aimed at time nervous and want to enjoy food lovers or family chef on-site requirements and other leisure class, based on LBS recommend near the cook. PM details chef chef is introduced, including the information age, the age of kitchen and service time and service range, click on the reservation, fill in relevant information after can sit back and wait for the chef to come. Xue her honey haired tell hunting cloud network, love chef recruited more than 1000 chefs within half a year time, every day rush about in the major supermarkets and family, for the user safety and delicious food to cook.

at the moment, love chef mainly provides four basic service forms: basic services are divided into three grades, namely four food 99 yuan 69 yuan, six cuisine, 8, 129 yuan; In addition, the chef love also provide higher specifications of private ordering, applicable to the family Party, birthday Party, corporate dinners, etc. In the latest version, however, love new instructions of the chef added “eve”.

similar to basic services, love chef family reunion dinner is divided into several class, to suitable for different people. Specific divided into TuanYuanYan TuanYuanYan, auspicious for banquet, family happiness, happy sheep ChunYan, great luck or blessing the supreme feast, price 999-4288 yuan, in addition to the $999 the lowest as a chef in outside, more family reunion dinner plans will be jointly by two chef door-to-door service.

it is understood that the chef to do dinner, can let the consumer at home with friends and family together, better feel NianWeiEr, so the launch is welcome. According to xue her honey haired, year reservation is already in full state, temporarily unable to accept the new booking. On the first day to the fifteenth day of this period of time, there are still some cook can response services, but also need to reservations in years ago to order this time.

of course, love the chef on the security and user experience also have their own consideration. For the chef, chef is mainly for 5 star hotels and private clubs, up to 5 years and above working age, add love chef need to pass strict interview and try cooking process, so on the platform at present are all have at least 5 years experience in the chef. Chef needs to complete the chef certificate, health certificate and other related documents, and after detailed on-site service training to receiving order.

specific to provide services in the process of how to give the user a better user experience is a key problem. Now love chef cooks very formal, dress neat and uniform, food match hotel level; Order and payment link is also very smooth; After placing orders, the chef will soon contact the user directly, communication dishes and ingredients you need. Ingredients can be either user should bring along their own, can also by the cook bought. Xue her honey haired convective cloud network, the entire transaction process for users need to be filtered cook, order, cook dishes, the chef to come with the user communication, chef cook, payment and assessment, and other links, and love the chef aimed to every detail problem perfectly, because offline service is essential for survival.

at present, love chef service covering Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, three cities, the company also has completed hundreds of millions of dollars A round of funding, is doing the next step of planning for A new round of financing. Love chef in Beijing wto-day order with the chef experience pavilion, offline who love chef experience pavilion, xue her honey haired is defined as: integrating multi-function central kitchen, there will be food research and development, recruiting chef, events, accept offline private ordering service, exhibition and product display and so on function, still can do catering business in the future.