Love carpooling, founder of Yang Yang: how did we fall from the draught?

note: hunting cloud love carpooling project recently closed caused a sensation effect, in the fierce competition of the O2O failed to hold out until the last, under the tide of today, the company’s co-founder, Yang Yang, a vice President of company of the problems encountered in practice are summarized. It may be many common problems faced by entrepreneurs. The following content from netease technology:

article | Yang Yang, love carpooling co-founder and vice President

1, face to face with failure Simply give

hello, I am a love carpooling, Yang Yang, a co-founder, love carpooling announced stop message services have been all kinds of media in all versions of very solemn and stirring, we’ve been planning a new project for company founder, we will not be stopped because love car-sharing business stop our dreams. In hangzhou, the city full of business atmosphere, around us there are a lot of good teams are formed after experienced project failure many times some excellent companies. Of course, we also is very emotional, this is not a perceptual team together sorrow, but brave, I think the real courage is not to do something rash, but face the failure, easy to give up.

2, cause carpooling accident too quickly


choose love car pool on the first day of the project we know this business is not easy, in September 2013 registered company, the first line of the difficulties is a policy, then the domestic do car-sharing business we should be the first mobile end, local governments do not support the carpool travel, more do not support the cost-sharing carpooling, when we learned that the Beijing municipal traffic department to issue a report on the car and take guidance, we see an opportunity, speeds up the product development. We all know that the three partners are from alibaba, ali has a characteristic, can fight, when we see drops a taxi has already done, information is considered in the future there will be a competition, but considering the quantity is enough big, the taxi industry di di difficult carpooling to cover more market, want to rapid growth in the field of car pool, to make plans again in the future. But the black swan effect is, as the method to predict accidents are always so fast.

3, start The summer is tanned

love carpooling 1.0 yellow pattern, the first version we call it the product only provide drivers and passengers with publishing carpooling demand’s entrance. Cold start is the hardest thing to do new product launch, we have several early every day in 58 employees, fair, all kinds of carpooling website manually copy type in someone’s home user carpool information again to love carpooling platform, and even help fix car pool. We found that many users between the carpool intention but no actual travel, we found a lot of users are telephone return visit lines do not match, resulting in low reached, to break a promise. Our team made a bold changes during the Spring Festival, cancelled the owner released the function of the line, we believe that the owner is one of the services they offer, passengers is the demand side, as a platform, we should meet the demand. It is early in ali ma often ask us, who is the customer, who is the user, platform should meet the needs of who. So we started 2.0 standard line model, in hangzhou started trying to ground at the same time, we signed up more than 200 car in hangzhou, through a free car wash for the owner, in order to speed up access to the owner, we have 6 cars in hangzhou yearly check stand 13 employees stationed in the owner of the promotion, of course, I also often go to, strong sunlight and high temperature and car exhaust, in vehicle inspection station that one summer, we all sun is very black very black, 5 bottles of water every day, every day two sets of clothes, two charging treasure, 500 owners leaflets, plus we launched the “hangzhou and hangzhou each car radio cooperation carpooling month” activities, we received a total of 2200 registered in hangzhou driver. Remember each extension workers at that time every morning to go to bus station 300 leaflet, and then go to 15 cars, car inspection station grab at night to go bus to send 300 leaflets, promotional passengers, combined with the core android online download store free promotion skills, our products began to flow, also received A round of investment.

4, once leading dream of becoming a unicorn

when users start growth in our user data analysis, found between users achieve order cancellation rate is very high, we found that drivers and passengers as carpooling platform between the bargaining one thing is very difficult to balance, passengers can take the bus price to discuss with owner, the owner can take the taxi price quote passengers, we believe that the pricing must grasp in Taipei, so we set the price of 2 yuan per kilometer. We call it love carpooling 3.0 standard pricing mode. We also do the industry’s leading line matching, single point, two point, technology such as fuzzy matching algorithm, after the evolution of the three large version and a few small version, love is carpooling carpooling the success rate of the highest in the industry platform, in the absence of a large number of users and subsidies carpooling success rate of 40% or more. We sing all the way, thought that this area we can become the new unicorns.

5, distracted P2P car rental Attend

because of the high attention of capital, we have enough money, we decided to hatch in consideration of long-term strategy was a new project more “rent” which is a share economy on behalf of the business, we plan to large airports across the country our car rental, vehicle source is provided by their absences, we hope that those who drive the owners take your car to the airport to us, and then to be born in this city users need to rent a car, car within the given time. When the owner came back to the car, his car has been to help him make a tidy profit but also save the parking at the airport. Domestic call such business P2P car rental. So we formed a team immediately covered the north shenzhen and hangzhou this five city airport. This project about five months time to back and forth, rented out 10 cars for many times, we spend millions of RMB at the same time, love car-sharing business did not enter the fast growth.

6, Uber drops with day changed

after the end of the car rental business, we focus on the carpool business again, because the foundation before playing well, carpooling or keep the lead, we put the team on the rental market into a carpool team directly at the beginning of the north connect the ground, or that sentence, ali who is not afraid of war, Beijing market team quickly tore a cut in the capital airport, four months had nearly 2000 drivers. Major airlines flight attendant at the capital airport has become our loyal users. Orders for a day at the capital airport will too. Other cities also start focusing area, fast have captured a large number of the driver. After the Spring Festival, we have received a financing, we launched the carpool industry crazy subsidies for the first time, a driver can earn 600 yuan a day. Passenger side we coupons, corporate welfare package, 1 yuan to spell the city activities, dozens of popular, orders for the server every day explode, really, every day down. At the same time we also ushered in the great challenge, merged drops quickly, UBER shelled out more huge subsidies in hangzhou, we began to feel day changed. So we stepped up financing, a day before the door of the investors are no longer enthusiasm, they know the industry is the pattern of capital control, no one will be in the two giants of billions dollars to invest in a small company when the war.

7, useless Left back

many successful company is unable to replicate, did the appropriate business in the right market environment, all I can. Failure of the company, in different people have different reasons for failure, we know, where is not good, again is useless.

brave face failure, rapid comeback project, as long as the from field, there is no winning or losing, it’s entrepreneurs. Carpooling love along the way, the team, users, there are too many too for moving a bit, can’t describe all, treasure in the heart, again.

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