Lost lost mountain view: silicon valley makes it “counterculture”

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cloud network hunting note: once the counterculture that brings together in silicon valley technology, artists, activists, and so on talented person, but for now, the power of money make once idealism in the silicon valley materialized, lost ideal of a better want to change the world.

on January 14, 1992, tens of thousands of artists, technicians, politicians gathered in San Francisco’s golden gate park, holding up the marks on the slogan of counterculture protests. The protest was known as the “silicon valley”, and the same nature of the protest never appeared in any industry, can be said to be unprecedented.

the organizers called “Digital Be – In” activities from 1967 “the Human Be – In” activities has evolved, the study by Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary the activities of the organization is said to Be the highlight of the hippie movement. “Digital Be – In” activities at the time was Soledad O ‘brien described as “the network culture In the 90 s and 60 s counterculture collision”, while the activity is not widely effect at the time, but the water flow, the activity eventually led to the innovation In the field of Digital: the concept of virtual reality into a strange new form of information technology, the Internet.

support for the campaign fame throughout many areas of society. Famous psychologist from Hawaii, LSD advocates Leary by way of telephone support this activity. The mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown also appeared on the scene of the event. To the scene also support Ceosby Stills, NAS & amp; The Young rocker Todd Rundgren and Graham Nash. Of course the highest-profile sponsors than apple.

Digital Be -in the organizers of the sampling Gosney (Verbum magazine founder) In Pando Don ‘t Be Awful rally, said: “how many people do not know the time, because for most of the world, the age of the Internet is just the beginning of the Digital age. But the digital era began as early as in a long time ago, and like a lot of technology evolution stage, they are all influenced by the bay area culture. Movement and the mainstream culture and network culture is quite close, can say it is a campaign against mainstream culture has given rise to network culture. Our Digital Be – In activities organized by is a concrete manifestation of this association.”

mixed In the Digital Be – activity In drugs, dancing, and technology, reminiscent of’m Man activity (‘m Burning Man is by a group called “Black Rock City, LLC,” the group against traditional carnival). But’m Man activity is more like a tailor-made for silicon valley elite expensive spirit release event, help them from a fixed salary, surveillance in the United States and so on boring technology CEO life.

and Digital Be – In activity does not charge any fees, it is a real event, it makes the enterprise staff, old hippies, programming geek and active activists together. And this kind of activity is the most important part, it is not in order to escape from the reality of the digital world, but in order to celebrate the world’s potential power. In’m Man, temporary escape from the reality of people desperate to vent, and participate In Digital Be – In activities of the participants believe that the power of science and technology, believe that science and technology company, can bring people together, to improve human consciousness to promote emotion. Of course, it sounds a bit tacky a bit childish, seems like living in the Golden Park in 90 after their dreams. But with full of gender discrimination and depressing atmosphere Crunchies activity, compared to Be -in brings us a breath of fresh air.

participate In organized many times Digital Be In San Francisco – In activities of the street party organizers Laird Archer said: “when everyone’s focus is on the Internet will let us contact more and more closely.” Archer for events but some of the best in the industry, he used to help the mayor of San Francisco in the Fun, Sex, and Music platform campaign.

Archer continued: “I remember I was in the basement of the Love on Mission street met Timothy Leary. Although managers now has been changed to Denny, but this hope of dealing with digital technology will continue to attract the people.”

imagine, in 2015, politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, hippies, and a large company will gather together to create a better world? Clearly impossible, this also caused us a thinking: why the dream with technology as a driver of cooperation is no longer there?

technology no longer hippies

at the end of 2013, in west Auckland, leading to the search engine giant Google Mountain View of suburban district roads are a group of activists blocked, they carried signs shouted: “Google get out of here! To technical staff: we do not welcome you here!” They also the staff bus threw stones, including a smashed the bus window.

such demonstrations throughout 2013 and 2014, activists in the road block the enterprise bus, the bus like public bus, the science and technology workers from the city to the suburbs a workspace to work. So what prompted these 20 years ago to take an active part In Digital Be – activity In activists began to such violence against the technology industry?

the reason a lot of, but start from the bus. Through these buses, big technology companies such as Google can upper-middle-class culture technical staff convenient living in San Francisco area, rather than the company’s headquarters in silicon valley suburb of congestion. And let a disappointment for many people, the use of these company bus for free city bus station to pick up the staff, although after widespread protests these companies start to use these bus station pay tax, but still a lot of people.

in the general case, technology groups are the influx of dilute the counterculture group, not to mention, in worse case. But this is just one of, a lot of the influx of well-paid workers, has caused great influence to the housing, and housing rents are affected by the rising sharply.

as of November last year, San Francisco, one room apartment rents a median of $3350. Because of this, many residents living in the had to leave for a long time. And some of the “lucky” resident restricted by rent control can continue to live, but use a variety of methods, landlords and sometimes blatantly illegal to evict residents.

this can be seen that with Gosney and Archer envisioned can bring various benefits to San Francisco of utopia is relatively by science and technology, many cities began to restrict the housing, and more and more artists and counterculture group is hard to live in the city. Ironically, it is these people help realize the regional technological revolution. Teacher, the person who did not come out of solidarity groups, social workers and unskilled workers, now also have to struggle under the soaring housing prices.

many people believe that the so-called “campaign against technology” is not developed, fewer and fewer demonstrations, and blogs like Valleywag advocated by the “municipal officials and outdated regulations should be responsible for technology companies lead to the rising cost of living” the idea was accepted by the public widely. But while the public demonstrations has waned, but dislike of big companies in silicon valley and anger not dissipate. Singer and composer Candace Roberts in “Not My City Anymore” attacked the acquisition of the technology industry and sexual harassment.

however, this kind of hostility for technical workers is each other there. In 2013, there are two young entrepreneurs released some controversial tweets. Peter Shih created Celery pay sites in a tweet scoffed at the homeless in the city, also used the discrimination against women who use “refers to the San Francisco 49 ers” dark women (49 ers describe low layer of upper class women cause women).

after Greg Gopman on Facebook said tramp is degradation of human, there should be no. And Gopman had done the most important contribution to society is organized a few games have no awareness of the hacker marathon.

Gopman and Shih aggression tramp, not only reveal their lack of compassion morbid psychology, also shows the gap between the rich and the poor in the city becomes more and more serious (Rwanda to a recent survey also proves this point).

more importantly, today’s technology companies have abandoned the roots of counterculture. Let’s look at some examples:

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, many silicon valley companies such as apple, Google, rigging up and down more than 1 million technical personnel’s wage.

and Google for years has been keeping close contact with the contractor and federal agencies, for the monitoring and military equipment, etc., Google and other technology companies are engaged in a for-profit monitoring work.

so why a San Francisco technology companies will promote Uber, smear a reporter, the background of the prevailing gender discrimination, the driver check request too low?

early have on behalf of the counterculture movement of science and technology characteristics of compassion and unity and responsibility already gave way to the old corporate capitalism, it also influence the way consumers buy and use. Facebook, for example, its ultimate goal is not to make people more closely relates in together, the reason this is directly to our feelings, but this is chance, just the side effects of product. Facebook’s ultimate goal is to attract more users’ attention as possible, so that companies can effective advertising for a particular user. Yes, Facebook is can help you reconnect with old friends, but let’s face it: most of the time of the user’s input on Facebook to refresh the client, praise and game play Candy Crush.

Gosney said: “I am aware of a strange question, we create amazing social media, which contains all of our relationships and personal identity, but only a public company.”

when ideal harbor interest

what brings originally originated in ecstasy, activists and community dominance moment of science and technology into the company?

the answer is obvious: money.

in the past for a long time, no one would think that the Internet can get rich. The dotcom bust at the turn of the century, many people suffer from the economic problem, only a few millionaires can detect carefully pulled ahead of the crisis, to preserve our sanity. Because there is no guarantee that fame and wealth, the Internet and digital technology has always been to attract those who are innovative, alien, hope the future invention, rather than the speculators. Owing to less likely to be directly conflict with interests, the lofty idea let Allen Ginsberg more lucrative than Andrew Carnegie. More importantly, nobody would have thought that they can gain high profits via the Internet.

James Currier (hunting note: cloud network editor king James Currier is PayPal consultant, yeshiva investment consulting company Ooga Labs CEO and founder, he has a rich history that began in the early 90 s in the silicon valley) said: “the counterculture attention is more small things.”

“25 years ago, 20 years ago, proficient in product design of any one tiny geeks view will draw attention to the brand personality. These geeks have something in common: they can very good absorb new ideas, dealing with problems, their efficiency is very high, they have high requirement for innovation. Imagine if at that time is money to these people together, that we now face will be a completely different world.”

and the same thing happens in the field of blog, or called “Internet content creation”, belongs to lovers before heaven and earth, suddenly become profitable fat now. The first Awl writing articles on the Internet ‘s Alex Balk in a paper entitled “My Advice To Young People the push this paper summarizes the evolution of the cycle. He suggested that young people to find a no one pay attention to nobody ask, like blog field at the turn of the century. In this field, we can set the rules and etiquette according to his be fond of. If speculators because they finally found the method of how to make money, and laughed at you early in the field and destroy everything you once set up, please don’t be surprised not impulse.

however, really is the root of money to destroy the counterculture in silicon valley? nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull