Look from zte product launches its “difference” with millet

late last month, the zte Blade for their new products in Hong Kong S6 announcement of a new smart phone. Interestingly, in the eyes of foreign media, the conference has become the show zte in the past two years by the reason of millet.

in 2014, millet supplies sold 61 million smartphones in the Asian market is far more than 48 million global sales of zte through at a discount. Zte is 70% of its revenue from its three series of smartphones: Blade, Grand and Star. But zte mobile phone and its sales showed them with “mobile generation” is out of step.

conference held in Hong Kong hotel eighteen layers, the droplight ballroom filled with loop for pop music. The activity theme’s carnival, decorate the two hot dogs and two clowns. Participants will receive a box of cheap magic toys. The whole event gives a person a kind of the feeling of a stunt.

activities in the beginning, the host, I feel like watching a children’s game. The magician significantly less rehearse skits and b-list celebrity in Hong Kong are downright offensive.

say what you expect of lei jun and millet, at least this man let a person feel very talented when speaking. In the millet conference (in addition to the crowded nothing more let a person suffer) lei jun not down talking to fans. He won’t pose swaggering, also won’t cheat. It was his true (at least appear to be) earned him thousands of admirers.

zte executive personnel to attend the conference, did not persuade me to trust their products. This may in part because of their products is too general. Blade S6, the price is $249, is a fragile piece of plastic, product function innovation.

there is only one exception, it is the first on the Xiao dragon eight nuclear 615 smartphones running Android 5.0. Everything else is very far from expected worse (if you have any expectations on the zte).

skanky site host incited employed as Blade S6 advertising famous young lady, “do you like the phone?”

“I feel this mobile flashlight function very useful” she said. (well, I can only say that female users buy psychological I can’t understand, or is she also feel have nothing to say.)

after a zte’s vice President to discuss with everybody if what it’s like to be a fairy tale characters with mobile phones. He said Cinderella can use a circle gesture to open mobile phone music player, so she can play the music and danced with prince charming.

I don’t think of such a “inflammatory”.

in bad people sickened after his speech, is the true machine demo, I even found these gestures to control almost useless. All staff and visitors seem to be more and more impatient. When they work, the action is more intense instead of swing arm gently shake the wrist.

the worst part should reflect the characteristics of the Blade is spokesman said is “innovation”, there is virtually no innovation. No, zte, the mobile phone light is neither innovation is not the unique features of your product, you say that is too hypocritical.

why bother? Why a multinational companies such as zte, and China’s top patent owners to try and perform the things they did not?

zte did not say how much is the phone screen resolution, I estimate that this phone is how to also won’t selling.

zte is one of the first mobile phone manufacturer in China, but “if you do it, consumers will come back to buy” era is over. Only production of mobile phone is not enough, you have to do, then sell it. Maybe zte should really learn and millet. By the way, not only is the product, and the execution of the conference.