Look from liujun farewell lenovo mobile, Tech giants dating World conference of the transformation

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a sudden crisis people adjust the news tear lenovo transformation. A few days before also in lenovo Tech World conference of lenovo product confident about lenovo mobile business group President, MOTOROLA mobility management committee chairman, executive vice President of lenovo, who left office last night suddenly announced (not announced to), and took over his is built lenovo Internet mode – “magic factory” Chen.

liujun abrupt departure, the industry believe that with the charge of MBG related to business performance, and Chen took over, Internet is lenovo transformation, let “middle age” lenovo again “younger” determination. But lenovo transformation, have already carried out, from Mr Yang fell in love with “take” to require the company executives embrace the Internet, open the door, briefly while lenovo’s first ‘innovation of science and technology conference “is the transformation of lenovo is determined to show incisively and vividly.

it also to link up the Tech World congress, Yang yuanqing,, again, please, li these bosses platform; Fan bingbing, endorsements, black science and technology of science and technology conference failed to make it in the circles of science and technology bring about more topics to discuss. This not only let a person feel suspicious: this a big meeting of high-tech innovation, why the focus on the aggregate energy less than the individual soldiers of these bosses?

appear such circumstance, it seems that there is should not, but if think about it, but also has his rationality. Not to mention conference time and Google I/O 2015 crash; Is this a few bosses assembly for lenovo science and technology innovation platform, is also with their own career (some belly black). In the era of mobile Internet, they all have a sad tears of missed opportunities; They represent the four companies, can be said to be the representative of the “old”, are in urgent need of transformation of science and technology the great ship. Can say the technology conference was a poignant hui “transformation”.

a, lenovo: cell phones have no brand sales

as the host of the science and technology conference, lenovo not only invited to the PC era of several major Kings assembly platform for himself; More on the science and technology conference demonstrates some cool products, such as mobile phones, Magic Key west projection View smart watches, Moto Maker online platform, launched in China, and so on. But behind these products, more is lenovo need transformation.

since its sit top of their PC from sliding market, people are paying attention to, the started with PC giants, how to play the mobile Internet, how similar success in the smartphone market. However, the suggestion of the smartphone market to gain fame and fortune of the PC market, there is still a long way to go.

we all know that lenovo in the smartphone market after several years of practice, in 2014, is the shipments in the first three of the world’s manufacturers, and through the acquisition of MOTOROLA’s success, lenovo has been holding in his hand a good card to enter the high-end market. But lenovo need to face the reality is that: although its smartphone sales is the world’s top three, but the brand awareness and sales volume is extremely disproportionate, its far from achieving its recognition in the PC market. Impression of lenovo smartphone brand a lot of people still lies in the clovers era.

back on shipments followed by competitors, huawei, millet, etc. Shipments with lenovo, but well above lenovo brand awareness, forcing lenovo need on the smartphone business create their own brand awareness, make its brand awareness commensurate with the global top three shipments. And how to let the lenovo brand middle-aged “escape”, made him “cool”, is more urgent problems of lenovo, as I was showing the cool products. But compared with these cool products, lenovo now more need to be solved is how to make the acquisition of MOTOROLA with a youthful vitality, help lenovo gain a foothold in the high-end market, how to avoid a lot of… between brands.

2, Microsoft: Win 10 success every

with lenovo, and then to talk about Microsoft. Microsoft’s situation, everybody already knows. Since Microsoft has established dominance on the PC end, Microsoft had lost decade. In these ten years, Google, apple, Facebook rise one after another, such as the world’s attention is shifting from the PC to mobile, PC has entered the era after the so-called. In the era of mobile Internet, Microsoft lags behind, in the most conspicuous mobile terminal, the voice of Microsoft’s waning; Of bumps along the way, let Microsoft have the risk of gradually marginalized; In hindsight, Microsoft, offering out of the Windows Phone and Windows to kill; On Microsoft Windows Phone hoping to catch up the apple, Google, forming a potential of the tripartite confrontation; In Windows 8, Microsoft expect with a brand new way to restore the PC operation, to stimulate the increment. And the more there is a magnificent goal, in order to achieve the unification of three screens a cloud to prophase preparation. But the reality is not satisfactory: Windows because of radical change, lead to the majority of the old user habit, chaotic interaction logic and higher learning cost, makes the Windows is not appealing, acceptance is extremely low. And as the future of Windows Phone performance is not satisfied, still in the absolute weak position, is the world’s third largest operating system, but its market share of less than 3% in android, iOS, is always times show embarrassment. Microsoft needs to transform, seize new opportunities to tail.

since, to act as their CEO of Microsoft, in its “mobile first, cloud first” strategy, we have seen positive changes of Microsoft, but the real can decide whether Microsoft can once again back to the world’s science and technology in the middle of the stage, stand back in the world technology stage spotlight or Windows 10 success or failure. As the vanguard of the transformation of Microsoft Windows 10 holds the transformation of the task, as the latest generation of Microsoft operating system, it introduces a number of innovations, and to the desktop, mobile phone, tablet and Xbox One, completed the Microsoft platform ambitions, unification and interconnected to all things. To the success of Windows 10, Microsoft also spare no effort, for the first year free upgrade for scalable range product, and in the subsequent product onto the free value-added model of sustainable development. But all this can promote the Windows 10 successful, let cool again, Microsoft is still a question mark.

three, Intel: “money in exchange for partners

as a gold partner of Microsoft, Intel, the world in the design and manufacture of semiconductor science and technology giants. In the PC era, his Winter alliances with Microsoft dominates the PC era PC upgrade cycle, today, about the computer, don’t think of Intel processors, seems to have is unlikely, its “deng, deng, deng, deng” ads are still ones there.

but the Microsoft partners also like Microsoft, as a thought to protect the PC iron rice bowl, and sold the temporary loss of communication and application processor unit sales, out of the mobile phone market, so as to miss the opportunity of the mobile Internet. Behind the result of everybody also saw, in the tide of the development of mobile equipment rollerblading, didn’t what Intel, Intel did not enjoy the visit in this era. And subsequent hindsight woke up and found qualcomm and mediatek has been largely dominated the whole of the mobile Internet market, and its the dividends of nature is Intel’s pain.

with the atrophy of the PC market, Intel need transformation, to expand the traditional advantage of Intel mobile terminal. Although Intel had begun to do so, a few years ago and in the way of transformation, Intel is spent daughter of the wing. With money in exchange for a partner, let them used on smartphones and tablets Intel processors, but the effect is not obvious. Now, in order to make up for the mistakes, in order to in the field of more products have spread long, Intel also had to be on the path of acquisition. Today, Intel has opened its one of the biggest mergers in history, announced the $16.7 billion to buy – Altera programmable processor chip company.

4, baidu: to cool on the mobile end

“he found thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, baidu has been lagging behind” in the era of mobile Internet. As the mainland market search for baidu, in the PC era he is worthy of the domestic search a bully, but in the mobile Internet era, how to transfer the baidu in the PC powerful advantage to the mobile terminal, is still facing the problem of baidu. In the face of the mobile Internet revolution tide, Grosvenor LTD handsome li also have to think, should use what way, let baidu cool again. Make people want to use baidu on the mobile terminal.

and how to make baidu cool again? Li decided to use technical renovation baidu, with technology innovation and breakthroughs to gain consumers’ identity. Its launch baidu brain project, revitalize the baidu’s big data. In the innovation of lenovo meeting, li also show a baidu technology, its demonstration man-machine interactive graphic q&a, realize image at any time, voice multilingual translation shows baidu in artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc. And this kind of power will also be the basis of baidu cool again.


in lenovo, the Tech World conference of the leaders in the mobile Internet era seems to have a sad tears. In some ways, its theme “innovation” with lenovo seems a little out of place. They now so the problem is and how to make the smooth transition of their own companies, “cool”, again in the consumer “taste” and use habits change era, developed can meet the consumers, products catering to the demand of consumers. And how to cool, meet and satisfy consumer, it seems that the several with other companies, have seen the artificial intelligence, have seen the virtual reality these cutting-edge technologies. And these technologies, can rapid transformation, let consumers feel to experience fast, also will be a key link.

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