London Playhubs game company incubator: free to play

hunting cloud network May 22

, based in London, the game creator Playhubs company launched the incubators, and decided to concentrate into an interesting business model: free of charge.

Playhubs recently with the company’s several important characters: David Gardner, Paul Heydon, Chris Lee, David Lau – Kee and Nisha Valand somerset house in the centre of London for the first time together, it will not only help the game start startups, also provides a low cost of the joint office space, help them to be small and promising game company. For the studio, free business models have already been taken over, the player can play free smartphone or online games, and then pay for virtual items.

from the official launch of the business model has been 4 months time, Playhubs companies are constantly adapt to this pattern, and the speed of the member registration is rapidly rising. Now Playhubs company is creating a free game model of their own, young studio here is free to use incubator service, and then pay particular benefits.

the model aims to help startups without a large amount of cash, free members can be part of the Playhubs community, the joint office space, meeting rooms, guide and entrepreneurship, are for the members of the service.

“see you busy figure, we are really very happy. In the months before the initial Playhubs full-time employees is more than we expected. We are very grateful to the European film companies and service providers of support, signed on as our partner, as a team leader to join our roundtable discussion as well as a variety of activities. All know that the European Community game is a friendly game, vigorously support the development of the community, but unexpectedly is their investment in Playhubs far exceeded our expectations.” Co-founder David Lau – Kee said in a statement. But want to become members of Playhubs free game only on June 26, 2015 at email application.

“was the most comforting and so far we have received a lot of members from the existing and potential demand for joining Playhubs community feedback, but early on is to build a new workshop and company cash flow and financial resources is a challenge for us. Before we least this is what a kind of taste. We want to set up such a system to help them deal with the challenge: if a team doesn’t have enough money to pay the membership dues teams can be free to join us, but the first three months of delay, we will admit their membership, until they could raise money or generate revenue. Founder further provides personal money to do this, and very excited to be able to participate in the on who will be in many sponsors provide loans to support Playhubs founding of discussion.” Gardner said in a separate statement.


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