Local transportation coordination platform oTMS announced A + round tens of millions of dollars

(xiao-miao li)

the first domestic local transport collaborative platform service providers become capital oTMS announced today, the partners China and baidu A + round of tens of millions of dollars. Had earlier in August 2013, purple angel fai vc investment, and in October 2014, warp/weft, baidu, purple brightness A round of venture capital.

oTMS is a logistics management platform service provider, was founded in 2013, using the “SaaS platform + mobile App” mode connection transportation, freight link of the owner, the third party logistics company, driver and the receiving party set on a platform, committed to build commercial platform for the local transportation coordination, its products include: oTMS cloud platform, mobile terminal product driver “kaka” end “to the” and the consignee. Currently has 130 home owners, transport logistics companies use oTMS product management order, about million month order.

this conference, oTMS interconnected transport concept is put forward. OTMS co-founder and CEO Dai Re qi (Mirek Dabrowski) said: “the Internet is different from vehicle matching software and TMS management software, is around the core processes, key is through the synchronization information to complete the parties together, raise the efficiency of the transportation management, to reduce the transportation cost and get a good user experience.”

at the same time, based on the mode of “SaaS platform + mobile App”, oTMS will further extend product layout, out side moving oTMS main platform, implement across to the PC, tablet and mobile “cloud + end” full coverage. OTMS platform, moreover, in addition to transportation order management function, will also through the analysis of the large data intelligent technical support to the shipper control the market situation in a timely manner. In the consignee and the driver side, oTMS original “handshake transition” function by kaka and where App qr code scanning order way for receiving confirmation of operation, the traditional paper receipt delivery cycle is long, damaged or even information lost the wrong questions.

oTMS co-founder and chief operating officer Duan Yan also reported, “at present, the oTMS have include twill to customers, such as clothing, panasonic, Hettich in the clothing retail, consumer goods, industrial products, such as market segment has a customer.

in addition, the oTMS have begun in-depth regional marketing plans. At present, the south China branch has been set up, the north and southwest area of the branch will be set up soon. OTMS new management team is a team across the logistics and IT two.

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