Live elective course recommended platform net aurora borealis millions of dollars to A round of investment

(word/hao xuan)

live elective course recommended platform network announced today that millions of dollars has been completed A round of funding, the investor to the school. This is also the XingShuai after education, the aurora borealis shot first ErChan online education field.

course network, said the money will be used for recruitment, marketing and mobile side layout.

under the wave of online education, live lesson is becoming one of the most important way to learn. Due to the interactive and not pirated, course updates fast, quickly get the favour of students and institutions. At present, the course network has covered 691 education institutions, almost twenty thousand courses of 4439 teachers, and become the most important channel for college students choose to live class – launched six months time, accumulative total more than 3 million college students, through the course web to find suitable for their own courses.


the financing plan, network CEO li yu, said the course selection will dig for the course “the core requirements, we will continue to improve the course recommended related functions; In addition, make product closed loop, from jump into a one-stop service, improve the user experience.

in addition, the course network recently launched the “kill zone”, the introduction of flash sales model, combined cool new Oriental school, China map operations, global online, chalk and take an examination of more than 10 institutions, 1 yuan for top class teacher live.