Little secret circle: can also be used to a traditional mobile collaboration software

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in the Internet, teamwork is the red sea, md, Worktile, tower, teambition, Asana, Trello, Basecamp. But change the idea, if let the traditional owners also use office collaboration, whether under a blue ocean?

actually most non-professional level of teamwork QQ group, group WeChat already enough, insufficient place is occasionally missed information will be the team members, work and secondary communication cost can not be well satisfied. Don’t, so can the function of the most product ACTS as a coordination office status, only ACTS as a comb more work process, the role of dispatching work.

why not, of course I can. Little secret circle products as mentioned with logic.

The advantages of small

close circle:

free registration, can quickly pull the micro letter/group of friends circle of friends, create a task, and through the micro letter to remind, discuss the task;

the cloud data storage, flash replacement without having to worry about data loss, precipitation of knowledge, the couple can quickly into the team;

mobile phone available at any time check the work progress, promote the project progress, can release backlog and comments by micro letter immediately inform to the execution;

support tasks assigned to remind, work progress tracking, comments anytime and anywhere, the deadline set, real-time news push;

mobile first, native client support the iPhone, the device, the android mobile phone tablet. Convenient to two or morethings PC (Web version does not need to move the office)

at the same time, small dense ring drawback:

simple function. Complex business logic can’t support;

permissions. (but team believes in small teams, transparent far more important than permissions).

simple modules. No calendar, gantt chart, no online editing, goal is to make work order;

small circle Wu Lu plus tell hunting cloud network founder, small secret circle is suitable for the number of team is more than ten, work only on the mouth said that it had not remember the entrepreneurial team, to use on the product management, project management, can make easier then the team leader. The information is transparent, team members also convenient to review a day or a phase of the work nodes. To oneself is also a very good job carding process.

is the ideal state of products in the future, if the team have the things, can pull a person with a small secret circle, allocate some things, the business will be able to turn up. In a small circle, all team communication is transparent, Wu Lu believe that transparency can bring efficiency, internal information transparency of entrepreneurial teams will be more let team members to understand these things, we want to do what product? In the process of do consider what problem? Task is how to disassemble? What difficulties? In fact team members know, the more the more team creativity into full play.

Wu Lu told cloud network, hunting job is to need some kind of driving force to complete, so some teams need to push by managers or workaholic, some teams can under the condition of information transparency to you after I catch the driver. But in any case, have to have “power”. small secret circle is flexible in that can easily make managers to push and tracking tasks, transparent enough that everyone can see each other again at the same time efforts .

I prefer small close circle of users is the traditional boss, WeChat cannot be feedback the work of a group as a whole, the project to do, to be a leader in engineering a product is needed to help him comb product schedule, members of the working schedule (a secretary is a higher level of the boss, not considered). So, check with your mobile phone to work, the process of project, making work orderly, organized structure can give the boss to produce value.

Wu Lu plus, said the office collaboration is team has been very bullish on the market, also is the main attack direction in the future. Also hope that after the 90 product managers, he said, bring fresh blood to join them. (and low-key, said the company money) little secret circle or small-scale test phase, now for the first time the number of test Wu Lu said very satisfied, beyond the team expected, the product will still maintain rapid iteration.

Wu Lu technology was born, had earlier Ren Qiming stars DLP senior product manager, with 15 years of experience in information security industry and 7 years experience in data leak proof. Now also concurrently hold the small circle product manager.

after the company has been for enterprise users with iron roll of electronic document security system and super patrol malware defense system, the terminal (including mobile phones), security, network security, virus and Trojan guard, researches, such as the protection of intellectual property rights have technical advantages, also provide monitoring solution “sharp eye”, etc. After the market as well as the team work.