Little guest will increase to raise 220 million yuan, and proposed to expand the financial data and the Internet

a little guest (stock code: 430177), announced that the board examined and approved the bill issue stock financing, plan the huaxia, clay, such as investors, issued 15.822 million shares, involves the amount of 221.508 million yuan. It is reported, little guest plans to use three years to expand to pay 50 to 100 businesses, and financial service plan to expand in big data and the Internet.

the data shows, little guest company was founded in 2007, is a focus on enterprise Internet business of high-tech enterprises, help enterprise to realize the mobile Internet, with WeChat marketing products, supplemented by alipay wallets, baidu mobile tools such as direct number. The company is also a mobile social marketing industry the only company that land capital market.

it is understood that this is already a little private placement for the second time in half a year. Little guest relevant responsible person, “is continuous on the company’s strategic layout, on the one hand, is to meet the rapid development of the business needs; On the other hand also benefits equity structure optimization and ecological building of the system. “In addition, the” future strategic target is still focus on mobile Internet, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide advanced and excellent mobile social marketing tools and trading tools, helps traditional businesses in traditional business migration to the mobile Internet. “

there are data show that in 2015 O2O market is expected to usher in the development of an explosive, is expected to exceed 5.99 trillion yuan this year. 2014 China local life service market scale is 5.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 85.5% from the 2011, the food in the first place, accounted for 43% of the market.

it is known that little guest has completed around WeChat, alipay FuWuChuang as the center of the whole chain, products and services related to general version, hardware industry, intelligent operation, custom development, generation, etc. Little guest said, “the company will continue to dig of vertical industry, create a more practical value, the scene of a software product. Has been in more than 20 industries, such as catering, training, real estate introduced can really go deep into the traditional business function modules of the actual process, help the traditional businesses to realize the seamless mobile O2O, online for food and beverage and other small and medium enterprises to provide a set of complete solutions.”