Lithography era announced $105 million B round, tencent wanda for refs

(word/yan-mei wu)

a few days ago, lithography announced completion times B round of funding, the amount of $105 million, by tencent, wanda, ZiHuaXia, LuXin, just and a number of institutions in Thai culture for refs.

lithography in the era of main products are based on WeChat wallet and purse QQ “tickets”. WeChat entrance, the user can through QQ entrance, and “tickets” public tickets quickly. Recently, the era of lithography launched the business performance, the concert tickets and sports tickets are also included in the entry of micro letters and QQ.

lithography era CEO, ‘Mr. Rynning said in addition to the micro film performances ticketing service of letters and QQ platform, lithography era has launched theaters and wisdom theatre project. For users, after entering the studios and theatres, WIFI, quick link scan posters or qr code directly choose seat ticket, buy popcorn beverages sold products, can also scan code straight in. For studios and theaters, help them establish electrical business ability, realize the independent pricing and marketing, more quickly into the era of Internet +.

‘Mr. Rynning said, “a huge number of users based on WeChat and QQ lithography subsequent efforts in the direction of The Times, is how we play a good social’ in ‘big data and the core of the two aspects of advantages, the film with’ understand social big data ‘performances and other entertainment industry and audience better together, to provide users with personalized, social, innovative services, dig new value of the entertainment industry.”

at present rapid development in domestic movie entertainment online seat selection rate is low also gave products such as lithography era development opportunities. Before this, Meituan also launched the cat’s eye operations online booking seat selection, recent pictures and ali acquisition electronic ticketing guangdong branch software platform, combined with the tencent wanda joint capital injection, highlights the giants of the scramble for ticketing tool.

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