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YC this brought in the , Horowitz (Ben Horowitz) tells the story of startup management art. In the lecture, he emphasized the whole management art: throughout the overall situation, overall consideration . Through the four classic case, we hope everybody entrepreneurs can experience the art of management.

case 4: slaves of the greatest revolutionary leaders: toussaint management concept

we finally to the people on the chat I wear this T-shirt: Toussaint, LuWeiDuEr (Toussaint). Toussaint is who? He is a black man, is the greatest person in the history of Haiti, one of the main leaders of the revolution in Haiti, Haiti “father of the nation,” said. He understands “throughout most of the big picture, overall consideration”, his life is more power. Toussaint was a slave, is more miserable than this, he is santo Domingo colonies (Santa Domingo) slave, now Haiti. The cane field where slaves living environment has been considered inhuman, but still far less than the santo Domingo colonial slaves to the hardships of life. Data can prove that I am not exaggerating: around 400 for the period of slavery, are about 1 million slaves were brought to the American sugar cane plantations. Slavery ended, the United States has a population of 4 million of the freed slaves. Over the same period, the sugar cane plantations in the Caribbean, 2 million slaves in the end only 700000 people survived. Look from the Numbers, santo Domingo colony conditions harsh at least 10 times than the United States. Although time is short, but I still very hope I can for you to read a text describing the survival conditions of slaves toussaint region:

finally stopped, and immediately a red-hot charcoal flipping in the slave’s hips. Salt, pepper, citrus, coal cinder, aloe vera and soot spilled all sorts of things mixed together in the bloody wounds, to increase the pain of the slave. Cruelty to become commonplace. Limbs, ears, and sometimes even private parts is directly cut, mercilessly deprived as a person to have the most original happy. Slave owners is the hot wax pouring wantonly in the slave arm, hand and shoulder, boiling caramel directly pouring down from the head. Or alive to burn, put them on the fire roast slowly. Some slaves were filled with gunpowder and also with a match, some were buried in the soil with only head, above the head with syrup let fly to swallow it. And the slave was strapped to the nest and around the hive, die. Forced slaves to eat excrement, drink urine, saliva lick the other slaves. A slave owners still for a moment of anger to slave tearing the vent.

toussaint is growing up under such slavery. Only to understand the background, we can understand that toussaint’s greatness. Even in such desperate environment, toussaint always believe three things: one, he is going to end slavery here; Second, he wants to seize state power, their governance; Three, he hopes to build the country into a influential countries in the world. His wish is not only to abolish slavery emancipation, he also wants to let their country based on the world. Although he is from a hell world, but his faith has never changed.

an example related to management is how to totally conquer rival. The Haitian revolution led by the toussaint first need to beat the local slave owners class war. Once after winning a toussaint, several other countries soon to divide Haiti, such as Spain, Britain, France, etc., they have long coveted Haiti regime. These countries became toussaint facing a second wave of the enemy. After defeated army in these countries, toussaint had to think of some way to dispose of the enemy captives and generals. This time, toussaint is how to do? His first question to consider: from the perspective of three different groups in one, the Angle of his soldiers; Secondly, the enemy prisoners and general point of view; Thirdly, he wanted to build the perspective of national culture. He want to build a what kind of country, you need a what kind of the army. In other words, the military decided his national culture.

we analysis from the perspective of soldiers: first we can rob loot? Soldiers will be more care about the spoils. This is equivalent to their work. Second, the soldiers also will be in favor of executed prisoners of war, because after all the prisoners had also tried to kill them. This is from the Angle of the soldiers once battled for toussaint, practical ideas. You see, I only mentioned the loot, but made no mention of rape. An interesting detail is that toussaint ban men raped women, not only does not allow his soldiers against his wife. If they violate the rule, toussaint will relentlessly will be expelled from their army. In so doing, because toussaint on national culture in the future. What is the future of national culture? Can you bring productivity? Whether among the first-class national culture? Or will be worse? It is a question of toussaint had been concerned about. So toussaint banned all kinds of malpractice, from the start, so his army never plunder, and soldiers also become accustomed to. The army captured not only shocked also rocked western white, they surprised toussaint army after capturing city never do their plunder. And this is all thanks to toussaint long-term considerations of national culture.

toussaint concerned about national culture is a very key, but very delicate problem. Because culture is a culture of slavery, Haiti is sugar cane cultivation culture, therefore toussaint think Haitian culture and he feel compared to the western culture in Europe, there are a lot of benighted place. And slavery culture, far less than the Haitian culture, because culture is slavery “if you don’t listen to my command, I will kill you, get you stuffed with gunpowder blew up.” If you can understand the consequences of this kind of culture, it is easy to see why toussaint urgently need to change the culture. Yes, toussaint had been very clear about their purpose.

his solution is that when he beat the British empire or the Spanish, or defeated the French army, he captured the best people in the appointed his army generals. You must be hard to imagine toussaint’s decision, those who but vowed to take his life! But toussaint he did, he is leading a slave revolution, every victory, he will absorb the enemy of the talents, so that they become a member of the revolutionary ranks. Because he knows he needs to elite, he needs to improve the overall cultural level in Haiti.

toussaint face the second question is more complicated: how to properly dispose of the slave owners. You led the slave revolution, you won the state power, then how do you deal with those slave? From three angles. From the perspective of the slave, no doubt, they of course want to throw all of slave owners to be put to death. This is their territory, they should be proud, and revenge. But from the perspective of toussaint, problem, it is not so simple. Toussaint hope to Haiti construction into a world-class country, sugarcane planting industry is essential. The slave is sugarcane economy. On the other hand, toussaint was a slave, and he certainly knows the hate of slave owners. But he also don’t know how to run a piece of sugar cane plantations, nor is there any sugar trade business relations. So how to do? If from the slave’s point of view, will become very interesting, because of the slave owners is sugar cane plantation by squeezing the slave labor, toussaint also are very clear about this. Without the slaves, that is what kind of sugar cane! If the slave owners need to spend money to hire workers, then their capital chain will fracture. In slave owners point of view, they only need to spend money to buy slaves and land is enough. You can’t change the economic system and asked for a business as usual. And the slave owners also clear their special status and advantage.

so, how to deal with these slave? Solution: one, the abolition of slavery; Second, the slave owners still retain their land; Third, pay remuneration to workers. Free of slave Labour ceased to exist. In order to finance sugarcane plantation, the Haitian government reduced the tax of planter. So the solution of the model, everyone should not unfamiliar,

after the defeat the slave owners and the abolition of slavery, reduce taxes of slave owners. Marcel duchamp’s ultimate goal is to create a more powerful country of civilization. Therefore, the treatment of slave owners, and maintain sustained economic growth is particularly important. Let’s take a look at the results. First of all, toussaint’s slave revolution is the only time in human history slave revolution to success. After all other slaves revolution ended in failure, probably there will be no slave revolution. Second, sugarcane plantation owners keep their land. Third, toussaint defeated napoleon’s army. Toussaint achieved in Haiti the prosperity and development of the economy and culture. Under his leading, Haiti’s export earnings for the first time beyond the United States. This is the slave revolution led by the toussaint, no one can deny his success. This is also the benefits of thinking from various angles. Sometimes in order to the big picture and even need to put down the prejudice and hatred. When you became CEO, you will find that it is not easy to do this, while leading a revolution is harder.

summarize today, finally, I want to tell you, to learn from employees, partners, and even more people’s point of view, you will surely benefit.

below is a q&a time.

Q: if you want to fire a executives or drop his position, what would you tell him about it, and then how to explain to others?

A : that’s A good question. Obviously in essence, is this your hiring mistake, you can’t help him into your team. So they are not qualified for work. First of all, you have to show enough sincerity, you should start with ourselves to find the problem. But in fact most people’s reaction is, because the staff is too bad, so I’m going to fire him. It is inappropriate, because you put the blame on to the employees. Another common mistake is that attitude is not clear. You do well, is my problem. It’s like you and her boyfriend said, “you are a good man, is I don’t deserve you.” The same feeling.

in general, when you’re in the job, you hope to find the most suitable employees. You just hired you think appropriate for the position. So, if they can’t do their job, so obviously a problem is the first in the recruitment of link goes wrong, you have not been able to accurately assess the degree of match between new staff and company requirements. The real reason for this is the cause you have to lay off workers, so you need to say when communicate with employees, “it is, I’m sorry, but I don’t when hire you to accurately assess the company requirements and your abilities, so there is something goes wrong, we need to solve together.”

when you really need to talk about and staff dismissed, demoted in this matter, and become different. You can take his job, and this is what you must do, but you also have to respect them anyway. This is the reason of Bill Campbell taught me. You completely unnecessary in front of the whole company people said, “I finally kick the faggots out.”

this is very bad. You may feel very satisfaction and pride, but employees don’t you think so, they feel terrible. Is the right thing, all people in front, modest thank them paid labor, also to let others know that they have found more suitable for the job. You don’t need to get things clear explanation, the key is you want to give them dignity. You should maintain their reputation in the company meeting, because very likely going to other employees leave will find they ask about details. If you utter it behind their not, others will understand as they screwed up, rather than the company made a mistake. So when explained to everyone leaving reason, you need to remain objective, also need to respect employees have left.

Q : I just read your book yesterday. I want to know, how do you handle the stress at work? Meditation or street dance?