LG’s flagship machine G4, smooth upgrade under “plain”

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after long preheating, LG 2015 annual flagship LG G4 on 28th evening officially released.

the first look at the basic situation of LG G4, as G4 LG2015 annual flagship, the appearance is still the continuation of the LG G3 overall industrial design, equipped with a 5.5 inch 2 k IPS display, and using the Quantum Dot (Quantum dots) display technology, official propaganda it not only shows better and more save electricity; Qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 808 processors and 3 g memory, built-in 32 gb of storage space. In terms of camera is equipped with a 8 million – pixel front-facing camera and camera, 16 million pixels Lord support optical image stabilization and laser autofocus system; Built-in 3000 mah removable battery, have colorful shells, after running based on the research and development of the Android 5.1 LG UX 4.0 operating system. In South Korea on April 29, ipo, then about 180 international operators coming ashore.

one, the main photo

this is a flagship annual flagship taking a picture, not only the continuation of the launch of the laser on the G3 autofocus technology, not just the camera pixels from 13 million to 16 million. On the photosensitive component size even more crucial, G4 photosensitive components to 1/2.6 of an inch, about 40% larger than the G3 photosensitive components. And in order to get more into the light and better depth of field effect, LG on G4 adopted F1.8 large aperture; And in order to improve the stability of graphics and making effect, LG on G4 USES the latest 3 axis OIS2.0 optical image stabilization technology, in order to obtain more rapid focus experience, to timely capture fleeting scenery, LG propaganda G4 fastest focus speed can reach 0.276 S. Pictures by in order to enhance the professionalism of the playability and more creation, LG on G4 carried a more specialized manual mode, and support for 30 s long exposure time, and also supports the RAW format output.

apparently all of this is a flagship rush the photo, and in order to reveal and publicity LG G4 strength of photograph, LG official activity, LG, the official Chinese twitter even posted a “see how SLR transcended by phone” propaganda video. Video in LG invited landscape, travel and humanistic photographer Colby Brown using LG G4 scenery photography, to promote their ability, released from the photo sample to see. G4 ability is indeed extraordinary performance. But as “other people’s mobile phone”, its specific performance how, can crush of these cell phones on the market, to outshine others, and still needs to be listed after assessment to be clear.

2, home screen edge technology blessings

as the world’s top supplier of LG screen, attainments especially on screen technology, the screen not only by apple and its use on the flagship product of many domestic manufacturers, and LG in ultrahigh resolution and the surface are in a leading level on the screen. This time, again, LG will occupy the screen their advantage to use G4 body, G4 and LG for this new 2 k screen also joined the Quantum Dot (Quantum dots) display technology, enables the LG G4 to possess better display effect, and more. As ultra high resolution screen leading technology company, LG on the 2 k screen has many advantages, such advantages, in last year’s annual flagship G3 piece has been show on the screen. LG this year will be the latest 2 k display used in the annual flagship G4, use of G4 endorsement means especially. And its actual performance, it is worth looking forward to.

3, personalized

in a innovation in the mobile phone highly homogenized and bottleneck of today, how to provide consumers with more personalized choices, make their products stand out, is a question of manufacturers need to face. And after moto x brings inspiration, many manufacturers are aimed at the mobile phone shell after personalized custom services. The LG is not exceptional also, also opened up the service, play the colorful choice on the removable shell after pattern, provides consumers with six kinds of leather, three kinds of plastic shell for its choice, to meet consumer demand for personalized mobile phone products.

4, the heart of China’s die

than samsung widely known in China for these years, ten thousand people. LG of South Korea’s second-largest mobile phone brand in the domestic attention in recent years will be much smaller, even near obscurity, and most people can remember the estimate is the AD of old LG lollipop. In the domestic obscurity. , of course, the reason for this is that the LG mobile phones declining performance in China, LG opens the adjustment of China’s business. But as in the past two years, under the strong support of Google, with Google launched two consecutive generation Nexus – 4, the Nexus Nexus 5. LG in the “quiet” become the world’s top five smartphone maker. Even in 2014, was rushed to the world’s top three position, and have strong competitiveness in the field of high-end. But in the Chinese market, LG’s performance was not so strong in the international market. And as LG has revived, want again to open the heart of the most important market in China is still not die.

in G4 has not been released, LG in the Chinese market opens the application activities, the LG G4 extreme experience group by applicants can free trial even get this phone for free, in order to increase consumer awareness of LG G4, and LG will also hold conference for G4 alone in China. For China so much, of course, this is also due to the Chinese market is currently the world’s most influential market, but the mohican, as determined by the market position of the missing. And G4 conference in May in China, whether there will be such as more with the pricing strategy of localization of press close to, is worth looking forward to a more localized services, etc.

5, not trough points of slot

the LG is not used on the G4 qualcomm’s strongest Xiao dragon 810 processor, but instead use the Xiao dragon 808 processor. Although 808 processor performance is weak, can completely meet the demand of the present all use, and combine the HTC in 810 processor used above M9 experience, Xiao dragon 810 processor overheating problem does exist certain circumstances. So, in my opinion, this is nothing to be fun. But in the configuration on the competition of domestic played bad, 2015 annual flagship is not equipped with Xiao dragon 810 processor, it is not qualified. With samsung, HTC, and a flagship of the domestic competition inevitably, in a passive this is not a good sign for LG.

epilogue: as annual flagship LG G4, compared to the G3, it is equipped with a better camera, better screen, but also upgrade the relevant configuration. But these upgrades are smooth evolution, his arrival, did not bring us to the biconditional gate brothers samsung launched this year S6 and S6Edge shock (samsung in the thrill of this year, perhaps because the former samsung is done too ugly), he gave us the feeling is flatly light. And this kind of plain, seems a little bad this year, one is at the top of the apple and samsung’s strong performance, the second is in the Chinese market, such as huawei, millet are LG G4 challenge is unable to avoid, this makes LG G4 under the dual pressure. Despite the double pressure of external, LG G4 itself is good enough, whether the main camera as previously mentioned to outshine others, and will be the key of success or failure in this product. Finally, LG G4 can success in the global market as in G3 as well, we wait and see!

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