Letv you lonely? Shanghai home fair unexpectedly has no millet to accompany


appliances expo 2015 Shanghai on March 11-14, was held at Shanghai new international expo center, the exhibition will focus on intelligence and health, attracted a total more than 550 well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Letv as smart TV the first brand in China, exhibition Letv TV super TV Max70/X60S products, at the same time, “Letv super partner plan” is also in the recruitment work in the field.

regards, say the truth, he didn’t come, you lonely? Will want to him? Don’t try to be brave, I know you loved. Ha ha, a joke. Or to ask a weak, millet where did you go? Don’t wait for a few years later, out of a book “and the one I have to say those years” to make memories.

not to mention sad things, feel the lively atmosphere of music depending on the area to adjust adjustment. Letv super FPS on television a gun battle game, body feeling, live sporting events to let a person have a boiling passion; Screen karaoke characteristic such as “super star”, an online music service recognition, uninterrupted field experience, and accept the inspection from the consumers.

The rich content of the

relying on Letv ecological, super TV is rich in content and services, in addition to providing users with 100000 TV episodes, 5000 popular TV dramas, there are rich homemade, documentaries, music, animation, fashion and so on. Homemade 4 k Letv content started in 2014, the introduction of 4 k, including le miniaturization: self-control, self-control, flowers, film and television Letv pictures, self-control, and introduce the contents of the copyright. Letv also have bought the last two years in the NBA, the premier, F1 high-quality broadcasting resources, such as covering the European five big league, the Chinese super league, the Brazilian World Cup 2014 qualifier, CBA, the European champions league of basketball, China, Australia, ATP and WTA, MLB, wonderful events such as the world baseball classic.

in Letv exhibition areas, hunting cloud network editor you recall the university during the teenage years, the deepest impression is to see in Letv the temple the beauty of the world, also drunk, who life as a teenager.

two times performance, half price

“currently Letv TV super TV family has formed a complete product line, adopt the best configuration, and fully implement 4 nucleation.” The scene of the staff member said. Last year, Letv TV one month in advance completed the 1.5 million annual sales target. Music from the product performance, process design, content and services, product experience, the dimension of marketing model redefines the television: “double performance, half price, complete process through”, to gain a large number of loyal users.

LePar super partner

last August, music TV launched “LePar super partner” plan, attention and support. At present, there are nearly 500 LePar experience stores across the country, home. On the house of the expo, le regard LePar project, head of the east China area came to the scene said in 2015 the recruitment of super partners continue to expand, facing the whole country fan friend recruited as super partner, let see TV experience store promoted, the end of the year is expected to reach 2000.

according to introducing, LePar through innovation “O2O + C2B + the raise” multi-dimensional cooperation mode, integrated use Letv ecological resources, with super partners join LePar project, till the time the Internet market together.

in particular, LePar is visual pleasure CP2C whole flow through an extension of the concept of user, with super TV sales continue to grow, more and more users need nearly in the side of the service, LePar is offline experiences show platform, and after-sales service platform. Letv mall mainly cover depth of Internet users, while LePar will cover more wide than depth of Internet users. Through the music depending on the mall and LePar unicom to realize the integration of online and offline.

since called partners, depending on the nature to share the profits, and ensure that the online music depending on the mall will not damage the offline store sales experience. In LePar service area, if is Letv mall bring customers, follow-up services, by LePar all LePar Letv mall is one of the carrier.

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