Letv to build intelligent bicycle, and car companies set up joint venture company

in content based video, successively launched smart TV, box, and the upcoming phone, le regard building intelligent hardware ecosystem and extends outward.

happy today announced by its music sports, Leie company and bicycle industry heavyweights, jointly established a joint venture company, official bicycle market, and will introduce intelligent bicycle, for “game operations + content platform + intelligence + value-added services” the integration of sports industry chain of ecological layout.

another news, music, visual intelligent bicycle products will be released on April 2, depending on the part of the staff has spread to foreign music “le see xx take you take you fly” conference propaganda, time is on April 2.

it is understood that in the new joint venture company, Letv sports paid 50%, Leie intelligent technology co., LTD. Invested 10%, and the other a bicycle companies paid 40%.

happy sports company CEO LeiZhenJian said, “intelligence is, in fact,” Internet + manufacturing + sports services “model, which not only need the intelligent hardware products, the Internet, need more from a user perspective, with matching sports services. This is music sports show more ability to innovate the business sector.”

it was revealed that in addition to the smart bike, in the near future, le regard sports will also intelligent hardware products of independent research and development of several categories.

Leie intelligent technology co., LTD. President Peng Gang said, based on the content of the “platform + + terminal + application” complete vertical integration of ecological, Letv by “Internet content and services + hardware + software” mode of the trinity, to research and development through smart phone, smart TV, smart bicycles and other intelligent hardware, building a based on the core content areas, such as health, entertainment, sports, family, car intelligent product areas such as large ecosystem.

“smart bicycles will be apparent after super TV, create another products, we’re not going to simply making smart bikes, but will provide an integrated service, depending on the sports company in 2014 a large number of copyright, including F1, popular events such as the premier league, attracted a large number of users, how to pass the content and services better to consumers is the key, we hope that customers can get premium services.” Peng Gang said.