Letv sports wanda and YunFengLing investment 800 million yuan, hit a record sports industry in the first round of financing


800 million heads of state Letv sports round of financing, the financing A round and round A + two stages, A round led by wanda investment, A + wheel by yunfeng, collar, calyon rich and systems, investment and other seven institutions and individuals to vote, to follow as the sole financial advisor for this round of financing. Le regard sports the original controlling shareholder’s stake to around 10% of the networks lele interaction () the same actual controller into a controlling shareholder.

this time, within 1 year of music depending on the sports cultural industry development (Beijing) co., LTD., with 2.8 billion yuan of valuation, 800 million yuan was raised, created the Chinese sports industry in the first round of dual record of valuation and financing.

wanda investment chief risk officer, managing director of huai nun tzu, yunfeng, Jessica Xia have expressed the views of sports. Letv sports is based on the game operation + content platform + intelligence + value-added service model of sports ecology. Yunfeng is said will be in development strategy, organization, management and brand building all aspects, such as to provide support and help.

wanda and ali first joint investment, not to say that the two were bitter rivals, and sure enough, each pair of slay good gay friends are all love each other. Husband sicong also on the economy, and said to the Letv sports thinking in the Internet and new media marketing is very appreciate.

love you so much why?

according to introducing, le regard sports on copyright ownership is far more than rivals, has 17 class sports, 121, 400 per year on average live events, but also has a powerful system of competing goods that the information ability, can achieve football, basketball, tennis, golf, different projects, such as the marathon. In visual broadcast content, more than six signals, 4 road explanation, to provide users with multiple choice, improving viewing experience.

in the event operations, international champions league according to the sports has the right to run the top competitions, such as all-round woman league professional sports such as packaging, image ideas festival sports video of selection, and based on the campus and community building grassroots sports events. Intelligent direction, in addition to launch Letv sports super bike, also disclosed for the first time the camera movement development plan. Value-added services, sports mall, sports training, sports games, sports lottery, etc. Based on the vertical business in the field of sports O2O and payments for the first time are all described.

Letv sports every aspect of this is to develop the sports industry, with the aid of this round of financing, Letv sports map is bound to further implement comprehensive coverage, it is no wonder that Mr Wang and Mr. Ma can shake hands in regard sports investment in this matter.

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