Letv phone here! “Price” the universe first

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happy founder and CEO, “while at the” Jia Yueting, officially released in this afternoon as the global best ratio of smartphones. Three Letv mobile phone are: 1, Letv Letv super hand super mobile phones 1 Pro, Letv super Max. Jia Yueting said, this configuration, the price, the absolute is the universe than the first price.

please donate said, take a look at good Fried day configuration:

“emperor” music as super phone 1:

5.5 inch screen, 1080 p resolution;

carry mediatek’s latest high-end flagship chip Helio X10.

1.2 mm narrow border;

3 gb of RAM.

5 million pixels front-facing camera, 13 million rear camera, the configuration of optical image stabilization;

configuration USB Type – C;

support mobile, unicom, double 4 g;

sells for 1499 yuan.

“dry dead iPhone 6 Plus” Letv super phone 1 Pro :

5.5 inch screen, 2 k resolution;

Xiao dragon carrying 810 processor;

1 mm extremely narrow border, all metal material;


4 million pixels front-facing camera, automatic facial features;

support mobile, unicom, telecom, double card double stay 4 g;

with separate audio decoding and computing chips;

gold, silver, white, optional;

sells for 2499 yuan.

“invincible” the universe Letv super phone Max:

6.33 inches sharp screen, resolution for 2 k, ppi is as high as 464;

qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 810 processor;

0.8 mm the narrow bezel, full metal material;

21 million pixels IMX230 main camera, SONY support phase focus, “double 14 ISP processor” help noise reduction;

configure custom headphones AKG K845BT;

equipped with fingerprint identification back;

price not announced, officials say how many money, users have the final say.

in addition, users to pay 499 yuan to buy member depending on the annual fee, you can obtain 300 yuan 购机款 breaks. This means that the user if bought 5 years depending on the membership, can free access to the phone music as the super one.

the entire conference, Jia Yueting are very excited. Keep repeating “assurance of beauty suffocation” to keep you word. Interestingly, after Jia Yueting praised Letv corning gorilla glass after the third generation mobile phone was adopted, a sudden drop in the his hand phone. Jia Yueting unhurriedly picked up said: “oh, I’m sorry, broken.” Then, he put the phone’s screen to the audience, intact the phone’s screen, the audience see fans erupted into a warm response.

in the end, interested friends can also help Jia Yueting out no matter. He thinks Letv super phone Max configuration in the next six months may be the world’s first. Jia Yueting commitment, it is a “lost mobile phone” dugu, where the user can find the one (the first) price beyond the Max’s mobile phone, music will reward one one million yuan worth of music depending on the car.

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