Letv mobile: high-souled youth, life than thin paper

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preheating months of apparent super phone concerts finally successfully held today. I’m sorry, should be apparent to super phone conference. As China in the mobile phone ring and in the entertainment circle will play entertainment most will play mobile phone jia boss, in the highest level ever appearance, the longest phone conference, issued a “let you away, let you faster madness, copy must have surprised you, to let you candidly admit defeat” of “music as invincible the three musketeers” – super hand 1, le super mobile phones 1 Pro happy as super Max. Gather many of music depends on the three musketeers all come, let us look at the tough of the three musketeers.

1. “emperor” Letv super phone 1: the 5.5 -inch 1080 p resolution screen, with a 1.2 mm narrow border; With mediatek’s latest high-end flagship chip Helio X10 processor, built-in 3 gb of memory; 5 million pixels front-facing camera, 13 million rear camera, the configuration of optical image stabilization; The USB Type – C interface; Run Letv eUI operating system to support mobile, unicom, double 4 g; Priced at 1499 yuan.

2. The Phone “second hand” le see super Phone 1 Pro: all metal design, with 1 mm very narrow bezel sharp 5.5 inch screen 2 k resolution; Xiao dragon carrying 810 processor; Built-in 4 g LPDDR4 running memory; In terms of camera is used pre – 4 million pixels UltraPixel camera, rear 13 million pixels the combination of the two cameras, front support automatic facial features; The rear support optical image stabilization. With separate audio decoding and computing chips; Support mobile, unicom, telecom, double card double stay 4 g; With golden, silver, white three color optional, sells for 2499 yuan.

3. “lost” dugu Letv super phone Max : adopt full metal metal design, has the most narrow margin of 6.33 0.8 mm sharp 2 k resolution of the screen. Qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 810 processor; In terms of camera is used pre – 4 million pixels UltraPixel camera, rear 21 million pixels IMX230 main camera, SONY support phase focus, optical image stabilization and “double 14 ISP processor” help noise reduction; Their own configuration customized headphones AKG K845BT; Support press type fingerprint identification; How much the price is not released, the official said, users have the final say.

in addition, Letv introduced users to pay annual fee 499 yuan to buy Letv members, can obtain 300 yuan 购机款 breaks.

watching this complicated mobile phone configuration, first of all need to be acknowledged that Letv this on the configuration of the three mobile phone is with makings is very, don’t lose the man. In these three super phone tucked under the current almost to be able to use the best configuration, and the price is also very sincerity. In such aspects as extremely narrow bezel is walking in the forefront. Le regard perfect inherited the domestic “three times configuration, fifty percent price, PTT easy second beings” tradition of excellence.

it should be said Letv these three phones have strong performance, but the price can’t be Letv mobile phone can stand out from the reason, they can’t afford to support more Letv super phone the suffocating dream. To a certain extent, Letv super phone price itself is a kind of Letv own face. Price didn’t buy into, becomes a slot point, why? Everything is too much of a good thing, too hard marketing.

if Letv is honestly launch a mobile phone, this price can let a person give him a good score. But the view is not law-abiding, intent on taking a shortcut to crash. So Letv up when the teacher passed through the road, and is about the teacher more extreme. In malicious batch of apple ended the evening, don’t conform to the trend of The Times, hamper innovation, Letv their cell phones “acme, subversion, and closed-loop ecological” words like time on my emotions. Take this as a way of showing himself started to have dry the strength of the boss.

Letv head also greatly boosted the audience for the expectation value of Letv handsets. Early marketing preheating, indeed has reached the expected strong visibility. But in attention and can reach into mobile phone sales. Mentioned to whether the phone itself is afford such awareness and visibility. If this phone, it is full of innovation, so that the attention will be converted into his mouth bonuses, let his fame. But if this kind of mobile phone and play is a false concept, is playing a ball, then wait for it to just endless ridicule and contempt. But unfortunately Letv phone failed to become the former.

in the prophase and conference, Letv frequently talked about the “no best, not super; No, not to “. Unfortunately, all down. In Letv mobile phone, I didn’t see any subversive, see is full of endless tank train running point and when the monkey playing marketing tactics with the consumers.

in the first place, in the most intuitive, on the industrial design of Letv super phone is “gather many long”, a mobile phone do super five unity, to meet you at the same time with huawei Mate 7, iPhone, HTC, millet, meizu’s desire. But such super five unity does not bring any “global level first, breathtaking beauty appearance” instead of chemical reaction, give a person a kind of handan toddlers, tease than to kill matt namely visual feeling. Original apple back signal leucorrhea, slammed the Letv super cell phone will be “in to ensure that the mobile phone signal at the same time, solve the problem of leucorrhea anomalies, let signal with thin, narrow and beautiful, to make full metal fuselage one integrated mass, a unit into o. Bring feel, texture, and perfect fusion signal, on the process and feel no perfection, not super.” However, after watching the real machine, Letv indeed as expected is of no use apple leucorrhea, but use an even more ugly black belt. So-called beautiful thin, narrow, and it is bright blind my eyes, let I doubt whether their own aesthetic has a problem. No borders and the so-called screen, but also play ball again, change the wallpaper can let their true colours.

eliminate industrial design, in regard to promote more fierce eUI, also didn’t see the subversion of the place. When using “EUI is open loop, is leading the industry development, encourage innovation of high level for the next generation of UI appearance developers. Is user interaction of ecological system, across different ecological, terminal nerve centre; Is based on the music depending on the ecological building more than a cloud across the terminal screen, screen, more extreme experience of man-machine operating system; Is the user and Letv ecological connection bridge. It is a complete Letv ecological “application platform + content + + terminal” extension of will and domestic Internet ecological, electric vehicles, Letv sports ecology perfect fusion produce fusion effect. Both cars and mobile terminals, such as TV, connection, and science and technology, perfect combination of art and the Internet. It would have fallen apple through the app when shaping the man-machine interaction experience constantly switching between applications caused by the sense of isolation, fragmentation, from intelligent era into ecological changes of The Times. The EUI pass through the app and app, the app and the connection between the UI system, make ecology anti, make EUI ecological interactions with the terminal hub, content, platforms, applications, interlocking between terminals. Goal is to simply back to the user, stop experience to the hardware platform to compromise, completely solve the homogeneity of hardware environment how to bring the real user experience problems. “Such a large section of the majestic parallelism sentence to describe the eUI strong force, the sense that gives a person is dried apple’s iOS system, every minute thing ah. But the actual is, eUI is only in reference to the function of split screen and HTC subscription interface integration with joy to see themselves on the basis of the content of the service. The so-called stream of consciousness interaction, thought is what you get, I just want to say ah. I think he can give me? Is this the above Letv parallelism sentence can give a person feel a second day in seconds eUI of land. But he has a disruptive to seconds seconds to day? We all know.

Letv yesterday’s mobile phone, just from the representative value of configuration, is a cost-effective mobile phone. But he only good impression is merely on the good cost performance. And those so-called super, acme, subversion, at this time already changed from positive to the negative. The root cause of all of these is the marketing of see too much of a good thing. If there is no joy as early that all marketing too much of a good thing, depending on the super cell phone he feels could be completely different. The industry of its mocking SOB will not so strong. Music can’t absorb ROM teacher’s experience. Instead of in the year when the teacher make marketing road speed running. But the wrong track, the end no one will give for you victory garland, Letv again to verify what is “high-souled youth, life than thin paper.

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