Letv mobile: are you sure you don’t teach fish to swim? But the appearance level is enough


music depending on the mobile phone is expected to be released on April 28th silicon valley in the United States. Letv international division said weibo on the CEO’s emerald green day, Letv phone conference will be held in San Francisco’s yerba buena center.

if said yerba buena apple’s home, also not too much. Apple has repeatedly in the venue to hold conferences, AppleWatch, iPhone, etc. Products are all in this appearance. Depending on the cell phone to choose in this release, pay tribute? Challenge? Letv, are you sure they aren’t the duke guan front play sword?

apparently, depending on the talent, confidence now. Music as the controlling on the official weibo on the product “ultimate explosive”, according to le said, as the mobile phone, screen size, full metal fuselage, camera, the processor chip, battery capacity, and memory capacity, and other aspects are better than the iPhone 6 strong many.

visual emphasis on one hand control, indeed, more and more big screen it’s the end of the war. To tell the truth, hunting cloud network quite looking forward to shield with the combination of long?

appearance someone?

see bold saying says: “we didn’t mean to bully kidney 6, want to do and the appearance of super white happy friends?”

when it comes to appearance, hunting cloud network also have to admit that its appearance is indeed enough, li xiaolu in depending on weibo and exposes the anxious, she said: “actually see two white at the same time,” one of them is the movie “the beast corps” of the leading role, the other is this kind of mobile phone.

from the picture, this phone have adopted almost no border design, pure white color, the top two receiver symmetrically arranged, whole is contracted and do not break vogue again. The corners of the fuselage used the round handle, effectively reduce the degree of hale and hearty, it also accord with the mainstream design.

Other information

in addition, from Jia Yueting weibo, revealing the information Letv super cell phone with all metal body, the battery is higher than 3000 mah, 4 gb of memory, support the HiFi, unlock way will also be multiple, etc., Letv phone could also be the first the type – C interface of android phones.

a careful netizens found that through Jia Yueting weibo can be found that every authors he sees mobile phone related pictures, more power and 1% at top right corner, released from the first picture is January 29, 77% with electricity, until today just released picture 89%, 13 middle after 49 days, on average every 3.76 days post a figure, the super handset released to 100%, and 11%, again by the frequency of 3.76, equal to 41 days, converted to date is April 28.

the Letv will release three kind of mobile phone. Price tiebreaker is inevitable, hunting cloud network is to advance (xia) speech (CAI) a: carry mediatek helio X10 chips and qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 processor version, with reference to the meizu MX4 pro, 2299? And carry MT6795 edition 5.5 -inch 1080 p a touch screen, the built-in 2 gb memory and 16 gb storage, fuselage provides a 13 million pixel rear camera and a 8 million pixels front-facing camera, with reference to the meizu MX4, price 1599 yuan?

in 2015, the mobile phone industry more joy

recently, join the army of “mobile phone”, in addition to the department of Mr Luo stuff, “li Yang crazy English alliance”, and aunt tung “gree mobile phone”, cell phone said Alexander pears. One is electric charge three times a year, can also learn crazy English; The other one is a mobile phone for three years, can also serve as a remote control. Low level of appearance, bad review… Hunting cloud network (wa) wake (ge) each (da) (keng) : domestic competition is too fierce, Japan “flip phone” still can be seen everywhere…

through a questionnaire is not scientific to a conclusion, for the Japanese working class, the application software, the 4 g network or the touch screen is not necessary, as long as the phone call, send text messages, is enough.

Asia haier company President ITO jiaming revealed in an interview, smart phones and tablets is planning to enter Japan market. Haier, so hard you feel.

watching super phone look at super car

even bearing the name of “gold plated”, Letv has gained enough attention. Have insiders, Letv conference, in addition to the mobile phone, there will be super TV and super car launch.

happy apparent silicon valley established Letv Internet intelligent electric car research and development base, from tesla, BMW, Boeing, ge and other famous enterprises more than 10 top experts and research and development team are racing with time, more than 260 people in 2017 launched the first generation of Internet electric cars. You know, apple’s electric vehicle program to prepare for a long time, to mobilize the nearly one thousand people, ready to launch in 2020. Therefore, we can only hope that Letv super cars more accord with Chinese characteristics.

ok, this is the most concern

on the biography of the enrollment 嬛 set file on March 26, domestic exclusive broadcast networks all platform. Letv members can watch for free, SO, hunting cloud network ready money, quick to collect. Because the “Bitch is so Bitch!” Too attractive.

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