Let your luxury move – love cats take you experience the idle power

(text/Qiao Zefang)

love reading what is cat? According to song jian is Edinburgh and cats. Edinburgh retro aesthetic feeling and the languid is lazy cat nobility together can represent the second-hand luxury conveys the lasting appeal.

what do you think it is old? NO! We are in fashion restoring ancient ways. Do you think it is outdated, but only is new. So, love reading, the cat is actually a predominantly idle luxury goods buying and selling of C2C electronic business platform.

team gave a very dynamic explanation: love reading, the cat go out not to come to the polls are at the bottom of the bag, deserve to act the role of a chance of appearance, let live up to your chest, let you idle luxury in the move.

professional do electricity

song jian is a love, a co-founder of the cat; successively in ali and tencent. According to his introduction, the whole team has been almost ali and tencent “occupy”, such as CEO guo-yun li has 9 years of experience as ali, ali mother served as ali group division of taobao guest before head. There are 7 individuals from ali and technical department, but also from the CTO of tencent. Everyone is the star of the original enterprise employees, have a boiling passion of youth and dream will this group of people together, electricity is roots, also will be new opportunities.

laying out, love reading, the cat is actually a C2C platform, but do not rely solely on the platform again. In an interview, song jian once said: “cannot and other products, operating on” . As electricity, love reading, the cat wants to be able to understand the second-hand luxury the niche of consumer demand, the product may not be perfect, but rapid iteration can keep up with the latest ideas, not far off the market.

you are worried about the “true” and “old”

the good and evil people mixed up with second-hand market described for, never buy secondhand books we are procrastinating, don’t say has a certain value of luxury goods. But love butyl structures, the significance of this platform is the cat. First of all, they will manually review when sellers to upload commodity information, price is the seller, the love butyl cat according to its own set of standards to judge wear degree, make sure that the price and description does not produce a lot of deviation. Second, they gathered a group of hangzhou city price bureau professional appraisers, after every product purchase intention in both sides, will be sent to love cats identified, then issue the certificate of authenticity, hang tags. From the seller to send to the appraisal to the buyers receiving the entire process, love reading, cat and motion cooperation will try to make 2 days arrived. if you do not send? Love reading, cat insurance and late delivery to ensure the quality of service. Tell hunting cloud network song jian, the trust of the user is actually a process of accumulation, slowly what platform to use in the user may not be important in my heart, it is important to experience this platform will give them good impression.

a mention of second-hand, in most people’s eyes, I’m afraid were dusty and torn bags. Truth is love cats bring you won’t be so, it has its own set of packaging systems, in addition to the above tags, and distribute the breath in leng yan box, you get is not the old stuff, just a spare “new product”.

buyer will enjoy 7 days no reason to return at the same time, love reading, cats have a slogan “your idle, I pay”, song jian told cloud network hunting, if the user online goods didn’t sell in 3 months, love reading, the cat will also recycle, to a more healthy environment for the platform . And now, in collaboration with offline several large shops love reading, the cat also has the function of cleaning and care, platform is increasingly perfect, the future may provide the information such as commodity is repaired.

future ambitions

love butyl cat target field is unused items at the beginning, the breakthrough point of the luxury goods just now, hiding in the thoughts, eyes in this group of genes with ambitious young hope existing idle luxury platform will do a good job as much as possible, then this way can be extended to other unused areas, such as technology products.

in March 2015, love reading, cat officially get big funds must yuan angel round (December 14 years has actually get financing), the team said that this year is likely to have a better opportunity.