Lesson on net: focus on k-12 education training O2O electric business platform

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

save class network is a education and training for K12 O2O e-commerce platform, combining pay online and offline services, users can free lesson course, online shopping, online and offline education training institutions to receive training course. PeiYingJie founder lesson on network, is a professional background of broadcasting and hosting, he worked in before starting a business in sichuan radio and TV show host is also responsible for the chengdu local art education training institutions.

5 years experience in industrial arts exam education training let PeiYingJie mess for education and training in the industry some deep feelings, he convective cloud network said, “for art exam training, many students want to go this way, but the threshold of the high tuition has become many income families. A large part of the tuition is kickbacks and rebates, teachers and institutions to is not much, this led to a lot of vicious circle, we want to bring changes to the industry.” Establishment of docking platform for students and training institutions in the idea was born from the end of June last year, this year on April 10, 8 in the evening, class network officially launched.

another lesson on network founder PangYanJia graduated from computer science department, and aircraft maintenance specialist, founded the site before, he has worked as an outfit company and hairdressing brand, is now a sheng hao’s director of human resources of science and technology co., LTD. Four people from the beginning of the development of the core team up to now, class web team a total of 15 people.

in recent years, the national do surge in online education and Internet learning services platform, such as for class network, with whom, and so on. Longed for class network do is learning IT skills, and who learn to do is personal training services, PeiYingJie think and their products have a larger difference – lesson on net is mainly for K12 education training.

education in the college entrance examination system in our country, K12 education training has an enormous market for up to two hundred and fifty billion, as active playful nature of children, most parents are not willing to children learn by PC, mobile terminals on the Internet, students and parents is not very good to adapt to the online education. Lesson on web team took a fancy to K12 education the importance of offline training, so cut from the chengdu local training institutions. Signed cooperation with training institutions, lesson on the net online direct drainage of students to the class, students can get lower tuition discount, also can save the cost of promotion, the middle out the high commission.

“we hope to start from the familiar things, is to bring education real people.” Lesson on web team media operations director Qin Wentao convective cloud network said. Lesson on net hope from the ground first sex education training in the form of O2O e-commerce platform, achieve the goal of building a learning is very cheap; Finally to make intelligent remote education, namely “the knowledge can be converted into cash, everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student” pattern. According to cloud network understanding, hunting lesson on network at present in the angel round.