LESDO (Do) : pure lala team social App

(text/Wang Saiying)

calculated according to China a total of 1.4 billion people, the gay population accounted for 5%, men’s and women’s half, so the number of female comrade to reach 35 million. Large user base and potential high consumption for capital market to same-sex products produced recently. In many female comrade social products, has a unique “lala technology team” (founder without exception, are lesbian) launched the service of their group social APP – LESDO (Do).

LESDO (Do) to pull users find the similar difficulty and the demand of the lack of social identity, products provide dating two functional line solution with the community, to effectively solve the lesbian dating, talk, with problems in life. The


: not just brush face dating tool

unlike straight and Gay men in the dating habits, lala in social applications usually sensibility, inside collect, need more security. So simple LBS + see strangers face social products can not effectively solve the “ice-breaking” problem between the girl and the girl.

LESDO (Do) based on the insight of user groups, in the aspect of information, matching filter, emotional interaction made specific design: in addition to the basic function, the basis of LBS + photos LESDO (Do) the personal home page to provide personalized labels, ask and let users more perceptual text production, a more comprehensive stereo display their near interface details of information support for head and two kinds of browsing, and through the interest in the label screening methods such as matching, conditions, find like-minded people. Not only that, the product to avoid the “rainbow” painstakingly obvious comrade elements, such as image data visibility privacy Settings, let the user feel “safe”.

community: pay attention to the community participation and the depth of mining user demand kernel

users encounter in real life for demand of various pain points want to pour out and share music Do community choice from the community and the subject function, through high quality content to guide users to interact, to lesbian people create a collective identity can find the life of the community. In order to have a better user experience and the use of the viscosity, LESDO (Do) on the one hand, pay attention to grasp the real, a community atmosphere, to provide users with a platform show ego and share life; , on the other hand, LESDO (Do) mining interesting people and things, from the community to provide high-quality goods, meet the needs of lesbian access to information and service life. And further screening of city or the same age, and women can take care of different regions and different ages with the differentiation of customers’ needs.

the LESDO (DO) community after launch, the product of interaction and using time has changed a lot. The user a single use time doubled, about 2 fold increase in the average daily hours used. It is worth mentioning that the community more than 95% of the posts are independent initiated by the user.

pure lala technology team

although in the Internet business circle, in view of the lesbian application development team is endless, but like LESDO (Do) composed of pure lala entrepreneurial teams, the author is the first time to see. Obviously, this is based on their demand for products. Hunting cloud network understand LESDO to (Do) founding members from companies such as Google, sina, ali, net of the qin dynasty, the average working age more than six years, in products, operations, technology has experienced members.

relative to The first lesbian domestic product lespark L and technical guidance, music as a pure lala team building products, social habits, mass psychology of lesbian, gay, deep appeal to grasp more in-depth, no function stack to ignore The phenomenon of user needs heart, and The team focused on music degree that a female lesbian product. In addition to this, DO not access by a third party, but rather to register for access principle, plus a team of background regulation can reduce a large number of invalid heterosexual and making users.

when it comes to business model on the exploration of cap, said Chen patterns can be drawn lessons from a lot of, such as value-added services, electricity, tidal CARDS, games, LESDO (Do) is in no hurry to moving towards commercialization, the service user is the primary target. The author thinks that, the next step is the how to face the test of a music degree effectively the application promotion in this relatively closed community, the second is how to carry out community atmosphere of the guidance and supervision.

the project in the millions of yuan in May last year for GSR ventures angel investment, are currently conducting A round of funding.