Lenovo new financial fund layout, will invest nearly hundred start-ups

on April 22, 2015, sponsored by lenovo le funds to entrepreneurs of the “Internet + new financial innovation salon” held in Beijing, le funds, managing director of chun-yu song, founder of zhongke BaiCheng Wang Dejing, 91 financial co-founder Martin wu, citic built for securities co., LTD., the installment to do finance director su tao wen-jie xiao, ma, founder of the financial manager Zhang Cheng industry bosses gathered to discuss the trend of the development of the Internet financial, risk, innovation and regulation, also from their respective areas share the dry about the industry.

lenovo, managing director of fund chun-yu song says: “Internet financial will be 2015 lenovo fund is one of the main focus of the investment direction, the finance is the financial industry, traditional the emerging field of combining with the spirit of the Internet. To the Internet as a representative of modern information technology, especially mobile payment, cloud computing, social networks and search engines, etc., will have a fundamental impact on human financial model. Internet financial mode will become the mainstream in the future.”

lenovo fund was established in 2010, has been successful investment including music to amuse, ZAKER, Face++ 32 startups, 100% annual return on investment to maintain growth. Chun-yu song, said in an interview with the media fund is not only the risk investment fund, also hosts to lenovo strategy for the development of the Internet service transformation duty, is a core competence in the field of lenovo into cloud services and key strategy.

in addition, he also said that the future is “equipment + service”, the entire business model of the end-to-end, now also more heavy equipment, but also can’t ignore the service side, in the end is to build a comprehensive ecological system. “We in the future to want to invest about 100 start-up, form cloud services group, and lenovo system for collaborative innovation, this is our one of the major means.” Finally, chun-yu song also concludes that fund is lenovo service and software important strategic layout, not just cut and investment tools.

the main investment direction including lenovo le fund: consumer robots, Internet finance, mobile medical, mobile education, Internet life O2O, intelligent hardware, big data and cloud computing, mobile telephone, games, Internet transformation of traditional industries, etc.

it is understood that the event is “lenovo le funds looking for unicorn series salon” in the first salon, lenovo joy in future fund will also launch mobile electricity, intelligent hardware, cloud computing, big data, etc. Series of salon.