Lenovo embraces social: mobile terminal transformation took good CARDS did not work

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from America to Europe in the China, lenovo in April opens the world pledging conference “busy”. The “looking back, watching experience accumulation; Year celebration, and strive to give yourself a moment indulgence; Planning, set goals for next year to choose direction “to encourage the staff record of the meeting, in recent years has several into traditional in lenovo group. And the traditional convention reached 2015, and has brought many new changes, and all this new change aims to promote lenovo more quickly and smoothly to the transformation of the mobile Internet. But the fundamental way to a transition or leave the lenovo mobile power in 2015 and the transformation of the business model. Embrace of new media, of course, also avoid the embarrassment of not marketing mistakes, transformation is to avoid collisions with huawei, millet.

for 2014 lenovo, Yang yuanqing himself summed up as: “this is a milestone in one year. The PC market in the fall, we are in, Tablet market is growing, we rise faster than the market! Acquisition of MOTOROLA, IBM x86 business, our smart phones, x86 server business become the third, cloud services we have 400 million users… Buck the trend,, is the best summed up in the past year! “

indeed, opened the lenovo’s annual performance tables, lenovo’s performance in 2014 is impressive – continue to stability in the PC market, by acquiring IBMx86 business integration and MOTOROLA, lenovo became the world’s third largest x86 server manufacturers and the world’s third largest smartphone market, and its fast eggplant preach, and step into congruent application of lean powder club.

2014, lenovo in 2015, is to set up a “personal computer business achieve sales of 70 million units, hit 23% market share; Mobile business to achieve 120 million sales of smartphones and tablet, and profitability. Enterprise business realize the turnover of $5 billion, double win back to lose market share; Cloud services business implementation on live user 1 $, Internet service turnover doubled compared to the “new fiscal year performance targets. And put forward the “defend the attack +” fists strategy. Defend the personal computer business global share in the first place; Offensive mobile business, and actively build a new business model, with two strategic open markets and online market.

relative to these performance, goals, lenovo’s “attack + defend” fists of strategy is more conspicuous. Because of its strategic represents the lenovo PC giants from behind to the way of the transformation of the mobile Internet.

to the transformation of the mobile Internet, lenovo is not only the recent use of the Internet completely new LOGO, shouted out “Never Stand Still” (Never stop) the new slogan. Lenovo shift more let a person feel deeply is lenovo since 2014 social networks in new media actively embrace suddenly.

since 2014, Mr Liu, Yang yuanqing, liujun lenovo executives opened sina weibo. Lenovo group chairman and CEO Yang yuanqing, for example, since the end of October, 2014 open microblogging, microblogging article number has reached 521, the average daily update weibo number reached more than four, is positive. And on weibo also change his low-key, elegant image in reality; Weibo Mr Yang has been upgraded to take, shu thumb self-portrait has ChengQing take logo, and its in order to eliminate fatigue, more to learn from the net friend “blink type, goldfish mouth type, liao hairdo autodyne posture, is even more out of the private take”. Of course all this is for the sake of to marketing their products.

and pledging conference held in Beijing, more make lenovo new media social hug to orgasm. Pledging conference Yang yuanqing is issued to the company’s management “internal executives agree, don’t ask, don’t age, don’t ask, don’t look, do not ask what you can do a joke, but need to rush to the social platform to voice, listen to the voice of the user. “May Day opened their doors. Look at lenovo further, embrace of new media is a full of public relations, marketing company was born.

it is true that in the era of mobile Internet, the spread of new media have faster with degrees, the more accurate transmission of data feedback and more lower marketing costs and total transmission can form exponential spread more power. It is helpful to change lenovo had a low profile image, increase in brand, product visibility, but rushed voices in overall social platforms, from the front. Is a double-edged sword, in front of the benefits that the challenge and the bad nature is a great leap forward and command index, how to quickly meet the requirements of Yang yuanqing “with a good, don’t lag behind, still have to innovation, more creative than its competitors”?

and from the perspective of the granddaddy of millet the full social, although the overall social for millet had brought a high degree, but some of its employees to make than such as shoot the moon, caused the whole train of funny than discourse makes the image of millet. It must be need careful of lenovo. Before and lenovo has been suffered by the social media make sound. Lenovo mobile business owners who in the photo product Vibe to weibo publicity Shot. Says it has a complete DC type of industrial design, with complete original picture photographic “has inspired the speech said the lack of common sense. And under the full marketing, marketing how to avoid too much of a good thing, do the balance of social media, for lenovo, not an overnight can improve.

lenovo’s transformation, has been on the surface, also shouted out to the user as the center, but I think that the fundamental way to a transition or leave the lenovo mobile power in 2015 and its business model change.

in the mobile terminal, can say lenovo mobile hand holding a good hand, lenovo and MOTOROLA the two brands. Of course the good hand more from MOTOROLA rather than the lenovo brand of its own. But so far, lenovo has not the good hand of the largest power play, lenovo’s these two mobile phone brands did not have a mutual aid, to form organic there are still many problems need to be solved.

1. The product line’s hands each other. although lenovo will MOTOROLA brand positioning in the best engineered cell phones, the lenovo brand positioning in the best customer value cell phone; A major high-end, a main performance. But so far the two brands is more of a product line overlap to a certain extent, hands and right. At the high end, lenovo’s K series, the series of VIBE with MOTO X series there are a lot of overlap, and in the low-end, MOTO E because music orange mobile phone there is a coincidence. This more than two brands of mobile phone line has not formed an organic complementary. Product line and can not be ignored is MOTO MOTO E series is best buy in such cheap models, rather than the MOTO X series. This does not accord with MOTO positioning in the high-end intention.

2. Lack of brand products. apart from product line overlap each other, lenovo is a more of the most lack of enough to huawei Mate7 as a high-end brand image, user can set up to buy the star of the product. The responsibility of all of these need fell upon MOTO X. This need MOTO to converge innovation experience, make comprehensive beyond the competitors’ products. The MOTO has been personalized design and humanistic. But the sense that gives a person is always bad so finishing. Always some places difficult to satisfactory (such as photographs). MOTO flagship product and this massively in the evolution of the space.

3. Lenovo’s UI system. lenovo UI system at the beginning of the clovers jing, is never to talk about but trough point. Although the new introduced a enormous changes is said to be the new UI system, but on the whole, and not good. For too a mobile phone, really decides its competitiveness and stickiness, lies in its UI system use friendly degrees above. And for main native MOTO series. There are a lot of lenovo to do work.

4. Now there is a phenomenon is confusing, but it is worth attention lenovo. After the MOTO is acquired, the part of users to its brand the rapid change of emotion. in their view, MOTO has been downgraded to a domestic brands by the international brand, its original tall has vanished, replaced by the user on domestic consistent attitude. this brand emotion to rapid change, although a bit incomprehensible, but this phenomenon is real. This remind lenovo, after acquisition of MOTO, but also need to think about how to make the MOTO brand value, to maintain its international brands of high-end feeling.

and the transformation of the business model , more refers to expand online channels, to save the middle channel link cost. The supply chain management advantages of the lenovo was good at play to the best state. And on-line channel expansion, to form the millet or huawei honor online electricity business scale. Also a lot of lenovo need efforts.

of course, in 2015, lenovo is to avoid collisions with huawei, millet. In 2015, the world’s third title, war seized shipments of 100 million goals in all three people in a full-blown.

in 2014, lenovo, huawei, millet has been shipments as well as the world’s third title race on the trot. Although on shipments of lenovo, eventually reached 76 million units, but huawei has followed, and the gap of the weak, although the millet was in the end, but the potential is huge. In 2015, the three companies have to set the annual sales 100 million goals, and optimistic.

but is known to all, a certain market capacity is relatively stable, and the trend of the present domestic smart growth has slowed, but now the industry trend is not what it used to be, according to IDC predictions to the research result, in 2015 China’s smartphone market although shipments will reach 450 million units, but only about 7.8% year-on-year growth. The growth not only less than half the growth rate of 19.9% in 2014. Domestic slowdown, inevitably need overseas, this is the inevitable choice of three, business comprehensive collision will be unavoidable.


although lenovo in the PC market, and in the PC market with the scale advantage and brand effect. However, as the global PC market is still down more than and industry trend has transferred from PC to the Internet to the mobile Internet. Lenovo’s natural need rapid transformation, jump out of the PC, transferred to the mobile Internet, promote the development on mobile. But lenovo PC side edge and failed to postpone to the mobile terminal. Although lenovo mobile shipments in 2014 at the height of the 76 million units, but there is no brand effect for lenovo, lenovo mobile terminal can hardly impressive, causes the market demand for high-end models, naturally there is no one could hold up the brand image of the product. After acquisition of MOTO, lenovo’s hand holding a pair of good CARDS, but that the good CARDS is still failed to its power play, MOTO products in the present did not burst into the strong market demand, and lenovo and motorcycle on the two mobile phone products brand with adjustable space also is very big.

lenovo on the correct path of transforming into the mobile Internet, and holding a good hand, the shipments is the guarantee, and further kicked the finishing, create a star for offensive aggressive product, drive the value of the high-end mobile end, is still an important task of lenovo current. For lenovo, you also need to take out one to be good at integrating the experience. Transformation of lenovo, of course, also in the imitation of millet to success, embrace of new media actively, make full marketing, although the overall marketing has many advantages, but it is also a double-edged sword. Millet using new media marketing success at the same time, also let people hate and despise its many sacred marketing, brand image is the loss of millet. It is worth all take warning from lenovo, for lenovo, how to make use of new media network to achieve the purpose of transmission products and enhance brand image, this test will be extremely lenovo full mastery of new media marketing scale.

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