Lei jun to locate balanced car as a “toy”, paid a capricious in interest?

a few days ago the millet nunn bo investment conference, lei jun did not become a leading role, a rare, after all, the focus of this conference is not millet, but explosive Segway was acquired. But the thunder always thrown in a subsequent interview arguments like thunder exploding, such as “it’s a very good adult toys”, as well as investment balance of the car is out of “hobbies”.

obviously lei jun to the Segway heretofore, he revealed he has played in 2008 balance of the car, but also on weibo wrote a Segway, look from the pictures, the thunder always had a good time in the balance of the car. According to media reports at the scene of the conference, lei jun says he was investment Ninebot for personal hobbies, when its suitable for capital to invest, he didn’t even think about it agreed. When asked about the balance of the car, ray general statement will lay down a piece of – “I like this kind of balance of car products and cool, I think is a good adult toys!” Yes, you heard me, it is “adult toys!” Journalists, of course, like ray, a general expression, so “wayward lei jun and bought a new toy,” the title of the immediately on the website of science and technology. As for the balance of the car as the direction of the “ecology” millet intelligence, lei jun did not talk more.

ray general statement may leave the stage Ninebot CEO Gao Lufeng some helpless, because high when show PPT has been proud to emphasize to all, balanced car is 1 to 5 km short walking the best solution, is more about a short transportation market “” billions of scale. Including the only a complete B round balanced car enterprises in capital market attention, supporting the market confidence in short traffic of the big market, but the market is not the size of the toy. Ninebot product, is good at big wheel and my line focus small round of market, as a tool, the author thinks that portability is one of the most important, and as a toy, cross country ability might be more appropriate. Ray general capricious answer, unpredictable.