Lei jun get their hands on the Internet finance, digging or pay treasure to the corner

hunting cloud network (note: this year, millet again what to do, I won’t be surprised. Doing this, lei jun dig pay treasure to the corner, Internet financial push millet wallet. Millet development pattern, is the same as like alibaba, alibaba gave birth to pay treasure, pay treasure and developed into the ant gold, from the business – payment – finance.

in the circle of friends today see a financial recruitment post, millet millet will recruit credit policy, credit management experts, financial product manager and platform product manager.

millet financial introduce myself like this: based on the massive Internet users and data value-added business millet, millet is itself a “hardware drainage, software plays, services to make money” model of financial services is one of the most important service, one of the millet users more than $1, 3 years is expected to more than $3; Millet financial focus on retail banking business, mainly for the consumers to provide loans and financing service, hope that through digital reference and operating system, and at a low cost and the best user experience by our users.

before the millet financial, millet have the kind of financial payments and virtual currency business.

millet with virtual money “money” business, also have binding online payment business, such as credit CARDS, phone and credit card platform guide business.

millet also invested in P2P lending platform building block box.

in the new test in the beautiful MIUI, millet account has the function of a millet purse, wallet by millet can buy monetary fund, and other financial products.

millet President held in this afternoon to Recode the discussion, according to Dr Closed millet, wallet and bank card after binding, transfer to the account, the user can get a day per 3.58 yuan, down 10% a year.

according to super exclusive news, the team from millet millet purse from paying treasure to dig a tiger team, in the payment and the Internet is quite experienced in financial product design, millet financial team currently under the beautiful MIUI team, should belong to one of the founders of seven flood management.

millet: why do you want to develop financial products?

super first sound think, first of all, the development of the financial and payment product, really help millet millet ecosystem, millet service from beginning to end users.

before millet rice currency and binding functions such as bank card, user experience is to millet, meet in millet millet users one-stop service system.

second, millet can use financial and payment to the user. Millet beautiful MIUI has 100 million users, but millet hardware basic don’t make money, lei jun says millet can earn good money through service.

millet value-added services such as fees, such as the wallpaper of subject to payment by m COINS. Future millet purse for the user to provide a monetary fund, and other functions, can be either by providing financial products trading fee, and can be guide to the financial platform to turn to traffic fee (the bank of beautiful MIUI has access to melt 360 credit card handling card platform).

the third, the financial and payment can let LeiJunZhan Internet financial tuyere, to do big lei jun millet dream.

with the original pay treasure as the main body of the ant gold takes this round of financing the valuation of 1700 ~ 200 billion yuan, plus reserved for a 33% stake in alibaba group, the overall value of 300 billion yuan, or about $50 billion.

Internet financial is the giant battleground, millet’s current valuation is only equivalent to the ant gold, lei jun to match and even beyond ma, must outside the beautiful MIUI millet mobile phone hardware and software to develop new battlefield, to support the lei jun’s dream.

millet do Internet financial advantage?

first, millet like apple, take advantage of software and hardware, and the formation of ecological system, to do platform, can also go to do business. To attack at high altitudes, the opponent can attack, back can keep them.

I couldn’t move of many Internet companies, financial companies, mobile payment, ApplePay a launch in the u.s., just aside to pay was old.

millet also has the advantage of the hardware and software integration, can be deep into the mobile phone payments and financial services, rapid advance and replace the application layer.

pay encryption system, for example, whether pay treasure or micro letter, can from the hardware layer breakthrough, apple not only in the biometric fingerprint encryption can solve the problem of convenience, also used in the chip set up Trust Zone, for the user read local password storage, are not uploaded to the cloud.

millet even without NFC near field pay, also can use other such as millet bracelet is encrypted, even development of fingerprint payment + NFC have first-mover advantage than other Internet companies.

second, millet has 100 million millet younger users, the users are willing to try new things, and easier to accept mobile payments financial services and the Internet.

millet user activity is very high, “money” and millet wallet beta, millet insiders revealed that a much higher than the average Internet company user activity. Millet of users is the mainstream of the Internet financial future, extend from the hardware and software to financial services, naturally.

third, millet net is China’s third largest e-commerce sites, from electricity to pay, from payment to the financial have the ant gold again take out.

2014 millet sales of 74.3 billion yuan, most of net sold by millet, millet nets have after ali and jingdong.

business will inevitably bring payments and financial developed, so ali baba gave birth to pay treasure, pay treasure and developed into the ant gold, from business – payment – finance; Jingdong and developing supply chain finance, financial, the establishment of independent jingdong to liquidate the user.

the development of millet net let millet will inevitably develop payment system, and then get into the financial system.

has the disadvantage of millet, millet, hardware and software development business are frantically, millet and expand out is sank into a leading interactive entertainment and old led by millet, ceding too much manpower to short time energy balance.

millet financial future is what product?

in addition to the current m COINS, CARDS, wealth management platform and monetary fund purchase, millet can develop independent payment system in the future.

in view of the campus user millet, millet development stage to pay Internet financial products such as; Working with lego box in the mobile terminal to sell the P2P products; With millet user data development of personal credit reporting, like ants Kim served with sesame points with millet; In the ongoing Internet securities, with millet mobile phone to fry a may also be in the future.

the road twists and turns a bright future, millet has join financial outside the barbarian, lei jun may stand at the tuyere of the Internet financial again.

(reproduced from: the first sound, wang chao micro letter public accounts)