Lego box announced the C $84 million round of financing, the British investec group led to vote

Internet financial platform building box announced today that the total amount of $84 million in C round of financing. British Investec group (at Investec) brought in this round of financing, mann figure macro industry, city gold capital and haitong securities listing company – and cast haitong kai yuan investment co., LTD. After participating in A and B round of investment institutions, including China, weft and jade, suitable for capital investment, millet and Yintai capital, with this round of financing.

block box, founder and CEO Dong Jun revealed that this round of financing to raise funds, lego box will be mainly used for team building, risk control, technology, safety, etc., in addition will also strengthen the retail products and offline channel layout, etc.

the data shows, lego box online in August 2013, has received two rounds of financing. In February 2014, lego box obtain Ventech invest millions of dollars from Europe. In September the same year, lego box and millet company and suitable for capital, partners China, auspicious peak investment and investment institutions a total of $37.19 million B round of funding. As of April 20, 2015, lego box matching financing scale more than 5.8 billion yuan, more than 2.4 billion yuan in credit balance;