Left: only do a man’s shirt tailors O2O

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

leave is a mobile Internet based O2O shirt custom brand, customers through WeChat order, quantity body division will the door quantity body, then the factory make shirts and send you to the home. Left by the founder of prosthodontic exposure suit custom industry since 2010, and has started a suit hill. Since march left shirt custom website is launched, according to xu, custom shirt about four hundred customers. The team a total of four people, including two quantity body division, two sales.

the status of the door, The Times is a kind of delicate and simple way of life, reminiscent of the old Shanghai women cheongsam customization and European classical suit custom, but due to the modern industrial copy goods patterns, people life rhythm speeding up, and the impact of factors such as supply quantity body practitioners and the public gradually tend to go to the mall to buy clothes directly, rather than individual customization. Now O2O model combined with all kinds of door to door service, men’s suits, shirts special clothing combination of the two required O2O online order line quantity body custom, ushered in a warm spring.

from custom suit tailored to shirt, prosthodontic and his team through is a cost of production scale gradually intensive process. Why from suit to shirt? Men suit to use fixed, garment damage rate is low, the custom of secondary consumption frequency is low; And a suit of obvious; Under the same level, a suit of money collecting period longer than a shirt. Said “so far no suit custom make the national standardization, but also because of suit quantity body division is very demanding.” Prosthodontic convective cloud network explained, resulting from this year, he began to O2O shirt custom transformation.

Leave shirt custom

there are web pages and micro letter, 22 to 40 years old, monthly income in 3000 to 20000 yuan of the male, college students and white-collar workers are important to consumers. And compared to a lot of people prefer brand shop, the status of the homemade leave what unique points? Prosthodontic convective cloud network, said: “in fact we come into contact with many users do not want the LOGO on his shirt, appear very show, real man cultured is a low profile.” Team in the process of investigation found that shirt, the door volume is higher than in the entity shop, product is now in the phase of accumulation of users, “we do in the future a shirt to the extreme, let men saw it, and want to go to the custom.” Prosthodontic said.

the price, leaving the bespoke shirt into blue label (including the price of 160 to 360), black label (including two categories, 680 and 880 yuan), jinbiao (1200 and 1800 yuan). New user after the first act according to actual circumstances, namely become shirt custom old user. Users need to customize the shirt again, after submission of application, choose the fabric, fabric choose design steps, and then to stay to make shirts and mailing shirt to complete the whole process. In addition, prosthodontic convective cloud network is introduced into, “customers are very concerned about shirt order process, so we design and garment workers can photos taken in the process of making clothes, to the database, the user can see the progress of custom shirt.” According to understand, leaving the shirt custom are in angel rounds of financing.